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Why do people believe Obama is the best candidate for President?

I would like to know why people think he is the best candidate, without mentioning the tired sayings of 4 more years of Bush, or questioning Sarah Palins' experience as she is not on top of the ticket. Please try and be somewhat original. I would really like to know, and please refrain from calling me a racist or any other smears for asking a question about Obama.


Wow! I asked for originality, very few are trying that concept, kinda scary.

Update 2:

playsoccer: No one can be turned away from ER it is a law, even if you are not a legal citizen you are going to get treatment in the ER. How am I ridiculous for asking this question? I don't get that one. There are regulations on gun control, you should read up on them, ONE being a felon cannot own a gun, TWO being no fully automatic weapons. I didn't even have to think on those.

Update 3:

O.K. soccer: Capital punishment, what does Obama think of it? I love it personally. Next health care, said my piece, but to extend, the Constitution does not say Americans have a RIGHT to health care, it is not my problem to pay for someone else s' health care, take care of your self and stay out of my pockets. $150 is nothing compared to the cost of Universal health care. Next, I live in a city and if there was a ban on guns guess what, criminals would be the ones not obeying the laws which leaves law abiding citizens without protection (DUH). Diplomacy, Obama would meet without pre-conditions, against what you wrote!

I also believed I have answered a question you posted when you said you were an old British man, are you? If so you can not vote anyway.

Update 4:

soccer: I have exposed you as the lying liberal that you are, I have wasted my time talking to a 16 year old idiot. If that is even true. You are probably a pedophile. Do some research, and stop LYING.

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    Obama has ZERO experience to be President. He has a college degree, has worked in the community, which millions of Americans are doing, and he has voted present in the senate.

    Also, just look at all his radical associations, either he has a terrible judgement of picking friends or he is just like one of them. I believe the latter is true.

    In addition, he is not what he says he is. Obama's father figure mentor (in his memoir book, he refers to him as only "Frank") was Frank Marshall Davis, leader of the Communist Group USA, which makes him very dangerous for our country. See link:


    Plus, we do not want our country to be controlled by Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and Biden. No thanks to socialism!! No thanks to higher taxes!! No thanks to more government agencies!! No thanks to a failed Congress!!

    All these democrats, Frank Barney (chairman of finance commmitte), Chris Dodd (chairman of banking committee) are responsible for the financial crisis, allowing Freddie/Fannie making these bad loans to lower income people for years..... And guess who was the second most receipient of money from Freddie/Fannie, well it was Obama.

    I have sent a letter to FBI to investigate, Obama, Dodd, Barney and SEC chaiman Christopher Cox... The FBI is already investigating CEO's going back 10 years, when the housing bubble started in 1998. They include, Freedie, Fannie, Lehman, Bear Sterns, Merryl Lynch, Washington Mutual and AIG. These are the people who are responsible of our money, banking system, and investments. And Obama has been receiving sweet deals from these same people.

    This is very serious!!! Wake up America!!!

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  • A.R.
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    Look. A lot of people are probably caught up in the phenomena of Obama's candidacy and have an emotional impulse to vote for or against the democratic ticket. However, most voters look at the issues, I hope, and see what the past eight years of republican rule have brought. Remember, too, that republicans controlled both houses of congress from 1996 to 2006. The financial meltdown merely underlines the failure of the neoliberal economic policies of the "Reagan Revolution." America now acknowledges what is wrong with greed and wants to move in the opposite direction. It's not just the executive branch. Democrats are going to pick up seats in the House and Senate as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    HA! Your question exposes you as absolutely ridiculous.

    I am Pro-Choice.

    I think the government should have SOME regulation, it is necessary, look at the bailout. Need i say more?

    I think people owning guns should have SOME regulation.

    I do not agree with capital punishment. Death as punishment?

    Diplomacy is NECESSARY!!! We have to talk, under agreed conditions, to our enemy. War and ignoring them wont work.

    Healthcare should be available to anyone who wants it. No, the government shouldnt regulate it and make it mandatory. But it shouldnt be left to private insurance companies either, then people wont be able to afford it!

    And thats why Im voting for Obama. No hope or change, and i refrained from calling you a racist.

    Source(s): hows that for originality. best answer? EDIT: I notice how you skipped around my points to find ones which you could spin or properly defend. Sounds quite similar to Palin's technique, is that where you learned it? But in all seriousness: just because you arent turned away from the ER doesnt mean there wont be after effects. I dont know if anyone has told you, but you still have to pay for having gone to the hospital. Just getting there is 150 dollars. Duh much? And there have been DOCUMENTED cases when a injured person was not seen because they had no insurance. And I never said there werent regulations. Perhaps it came off that way? I agree with the ones that are in place, however, if you live anywhere near an actual metropolis you will agree these regulations either need to be better enforced or tougher. One or the other or both, because crime rates involving guns are sky-rocketing. (But ill understand if you dont, and what happens in the 'big cities" isnt much of a concern for you.) peace&luv, still shooting for best answer? EDIT: Im back! Well, its real tough for me to lose a fight against some one with lesser intelligence. Sorry, but i take cheap shots. I love how easily you misinterpret Obama's words. I dunno where you have been lately, but Obama NEVER, again, NEVER said he would meet without pre-conditions. I was sure to add that bit, hoping you would have done some fact checking, but apparently you missed the point where this rumor was dispelled. Its down right immoral to sit by and watch people pay 600 dollars to get basic health check-ups when necessary taxes (you will always pay them) could help those unfortunate people. Im sorry, I didnt realize that it had to be in the Constitution to do the right thing, to care about people. My fault. Imagine if the majority of the population believed what you do. Talk about a third world country! You happen to disgust me. P.S. If i said I was a guy, then I was probably kidding. Perhaps you're referring to the question I ask about International views on our election, and I used a British Women's quote? Yes, of course, that obviously means I am a British man. Actually I am a 16. But dont count me out! I have 6 votes. Haha, sweet revenge. Obama has PA wrapped up. best answer?
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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not even so much that I like Obama, it's more that I can't stand McCain. As an independent, I've found myself leaning much closer to Obama's ideologies than McCain's.

    Obama taught constitutional law for 12 years at the university level. I can't think of any possible experience which would better prepare you for the presidency.

    Obama wants to pull out of Iraq with a timeline. McCain rejects any timeline for withdrawal. I want the war to end as soon as possible, so obviously I support a timeline.

    Obama has a strong record of voting pro-choice. I'm pro-choice. McCain has a strong record of voting against any pro-choice legislation. That really irks me. During the next few years we're going to lose at least 1 and maybe up to 3 Supreme Court Justices. If McCain is president and nominates anti-abortion judges, Roe V Wade will easily be overturned the next time it's appealed at the national level. That scares me. I want someone who will put liberal - or at least moderate - judges on the court, not far-right reactionaries.

    At first I really respected McCain's war record, but the more often I hear him mention it, the less impressed I am. I don't think it's tasteful or appropriate for him to play on his war record for political gain.

    A big part of it is personal - McCain rubs me the wrong way when he speaks. During the debate he attacked and smeared. He was condescending. He talked like a bully. Is that how he'll talk to foreign leaders? I want a president who will talk to people he disagrees with with a little more respect than McCain showed. Obama came off, to me, like much more of a gentleman during the debate. Although he did refer to McCain by his first name, he also gave McCain lots of credit. McCain didn't return the favor.

    Obama chose a VP he'd known for years and years, a man who was heavily experienced in the Senate and who was already a good friend of his. That shows sound judgment to me. McCain picked a political nobody who he'd only met twice before asking her to help him run the country. That sounds like poor judgment to me, especially considering his age.

    The Presidency is physically a very stressful and taxing job - remember watching Bill Clinton go from dark hair to white hair during the nineties? I want to elect someone who I'm absolutely sure is healthy enough to be up to the rigor of the job. Obama plays basketball, but McCain can't tie his own shoes. I'm sure McCain is in fine enough shape for a 72 year old veteran who's been through years of atrocities that permanently damaged his health, but I'm not sure taking on the mantle of the presidency would be a sound choice for a man of his age and condition.

    Also, I have to look at this from a hiring standpoint. Say you had a company contract to fix your house up. Eight years later, your house has gone to **** while under the care of that contractor. He says he needs to go, but he's got another guy from the same company who can come out and continue doing what the original contractor was doing. Do you keep going with the party that screwed you and reward them with the presidency, or do you do everything in your power to elect someone very different from the last guy?

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    Intelligence, analytical abilities, willingness to work with others and actually listen to new or different ideas, organizational ability, great education, understanding of our constitution, selects a vp with the best interests of the country in mind, works hard, has a true 'world view' and understanding of different cultures.

    Has some great ideas for improving the economy while also improving our energy independence, not just by drilling more but by actually working on and implementing renewable technologies. He is strong on education and preschool education for kids at risk.

    I agree with Obama on most of his policies AND I think he is one of the more intelligent people to run for president. I also trust him more than most politicians ... not that that says a whole lot but he certainly is more honest than either McCain or Palin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's smart, he's even tempered, he seeks advice from knowledgeable people. He understands what it's like to be discriminated against yet he also understands what it's like to have people think he's a snob. I believe he really understands what Americans are going through these days. As much as the McCain camp is trying to paint him as an elitist, I think he's very much the opposite. He may be very well spoken and reserved but, from what I've heard of his upbringing, it was far from privileged. I think America really needs a president who is Intelligent, even tempered, and who surrounds himself with smart people who understand the American people. I think Obama is that person. I don't think McCain is. See...I didn't even mention Bush or Palin and I didn't call you a racist.

    Source(s): I watched the biographical sketches of both candidates and was amazed how much McCain is exactly what he accuses Obama of being, a spoiled, priviledged, person who doesn't understand what it's like to be an average American. And...when I saw Obama's biography I realized that he is EXACTLY like most Americans. The McCain camp is selling themselves as being something they are not.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I am not doing as you requested for sure. I have nothing against Obama at all. He is a great speaker for sure and nobody can say other wise. This man has his limitations, his thinking is way off base and he only is saying what you want to here now. I honestly don't think this man has what it takes to make decisions for the Country. He might get a few right, but on the most important ones, I don't think he has enough true American blood to do what is right!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear Jaz:

    Why Obama?

    Because he "gets-it" !!

    He KNOWS what our country is going thru!


    This Career GOP Politician *has NO CLUE!

    McCain is so out of touch & so Very WEAK!

    Permit me to mirror Back your question?

    Why do people believe McCane is the best

    candidate for Prez?

    Haven't we all SUFFERED Thru ENUFF ~

    these last 7+ Painful Years of the GOP

    being in the Oval Office?

    Do we want 4 more years of the GOP?

    I say NO!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Liberals believe that the Government can do better for the people than the people can do for themselves. This is Obama's beliefs.

    He is young, charismatic, and speaks to the young people who are voting for the 1st time.

    If you believe that the Government can do for you better than you can do for yourself, then that is who you need to vote for.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Questionably, he speaks of change but show no record of accomplishment, his economic plans calls for increased taxes not for revenue but fairness.

    It plays well to the 40% not paying any taxes but would turn a recession into a depression. Then promises trillion dollars in new benefits that we just can't deliver.

    No I don't think he is.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Obama has no redeeming characteristics other than his looks and his ability to deliver a speech from a teleprompter. Why do people think he's the best candidate for President? They're ignorant.

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