Have star craft boat need to find boat hull number by serial number. hall number is none readable need reg.?

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hall number is not readable.
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Depending on the year there may not be a hull number. Many of the old aluminum starcrafts did not have numbers. In some states you can have the vessel inspected and issued a hull identification tag. I know Ohio does that because I got a pre 1970 Starcraft that had no numbers. I took it to the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources and they issued a brass tag with numbers to be affixed to the hull. I have a 1972 Starcraft also that only has the serial number plate by the helm station and no hull numbers. Do a little research, there are Yahoo groups just for Starcraft boats with good information.
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  • piggybackhauler answered 6 years ago
    take a piece of paper and lay over hull plaque and rub a pencil over it and you will be able to get the hull number
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