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Dog attack can I sue town?

My fiancee was attacked by a Pit bull and suffered a very bad Leg wound I have recently discovered that the dog had also attacked 3 other people and the town had done nothing Do i have a case to sue?


I should point out that the town knew about this dog it has been reported. Second we have had a meeting and had the dog put down.

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    If you're suing to get money to pay for the medical bills and so on, you have a good chance with the owner.

    If you are trying to cash in on the hype about pittbulls and suing the town for big bucks, yeah, good luck with that.

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    I do like your questions, they are so real and interesting... On one hand, it's a cat and dog thing really, and an impartial observer might think, well, it's just animals, that's what they do, and your kitten was simply unlucky. On the other hand, staffies are dangerous dogs by legal definition, (I'm fairly sure but not 100% certain) and any decent person should either have their dog well trained enough that they can shout "leave it", and the dog will obey OR THEY SHOULD BE ON A LEASH! If I were in your position, and I knew where the people lived, I would make a report to the police, and make damn sure they recorded my statement, not because I'd expect any help or support from the police, but because next time it might be someones child being carried in the dogs mouth... As for your poor kitty only you can be the judge of whether he has taken any injury. You can observe whether he seems to be in any pain by how he walks, jumps up onto things etc, and by giving him a good but gentle "feel" over his body (like a vet does) you'll soon see if there are any tender spots. If there isn't any damage, and your cat is halfway intelligent, then he will have earned about dogs and foxes and lived to tell the tale, and it's unlikely he'll get caught again. We are lucky enough to have a bit of a garden out the back with a fence all around it, and we make it a policy to never voluntarily let our cat out the front, but he can use his cat flap to go out the back whenever he likes. (Although he prefers whenever possible to get one of us to open the door). When curiosity, or "bloody mindedness" gets the better of him, and he manages to "escape" out the front we do everything we can to get him to come back, or at least by a process of "herding" STAY AWAY FROM THE ROAD!! He's a little sod sometimes and will make us work for it, but eventually after a long 5 or ten minutes he decides it's not worth the aggro and goes back into the house. It's rare that we have to give up, and leave him out the front, but he doesn't stay out there long once he's "won his point". Ours is a neutered tom, so he doesn't have the need to wander far and wide, which helps in this regard. He's also really quite bright, and seems to have got a healthy respect for the road, and actually does stay close to the houses which is a mercy. And yes, we have told him at great length that we are afraid of him getting run over, in the hope that he will understand. I found quite early on, quite by accident, that talking to him, mad as it might seem, seems to work in some strange way, and he does seem to catch on with some things in a most rewarding way. Your cat, might however be quite different, I know my last one wasn't as quick on the uptake. I think there's an answer somewhere in this rambling reply... But I know your cat will almost certainly want to go outside, most do, and you aren't god, you can only try to minimise the danger, by only letting kitty in and out the back door. Although on one hand, our cat is so brilliant that I'd really like the idea of him having descendants, I'm glad he has been neutered, it does make life safer for him. Cheers, Steve C.

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    If you are interested in suing or recovering for damages, I would speak with an attorney ASAP. Sometimes these cases have a statute of limitations (meaning that you can't sue after X number of months or years, even if the person is guilty.) I would take pictures of your fiancee's leg, make copies of all medical bills, and also talk to the other people the dog attacked in order to strengthen your case against this person.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Currently in law school, but I am not an attorney.
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    It all depends on whether you know the owner or can identify him.Its up to the Council first to seize the dog and then you can sue for any medical bills incurred although unless you have all documentation and plenty of money l doubt you will win.They are now proving certain dogs have attacked other dogs and people by DNA and the way this has been done is some saliva or blood left by the attacker which the hospital or lab obtain and then when the owner says ,they were not my dog or dogs the DNA will prove the owner a liar.

    Source(s): Attorney and breeder
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    How do you know they've done nothing?

    There's little the town can do if no one reports the incidents, and Animal Control can easily lose an animal they are chasing. If the city has done even the bare minimum expected of them in regards to an attempt at catching the dog then there's probably nothing you can do about it. The owner you could sue, provided the owner wants to claim his animal knowing that it's attacked someone.

    The dog needs to be dealt with, of that there's no doubt. Keep reporting the dog any time you see it, encourage neighbors to do the same. In the mean time carry dog mace with you and be safe.

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    Probably but I think it's more important that the dog is reported and dealt with. Four attacks is four too many. I don't know where you are but the authorities must do something.

    ADD - in that case you have a good case. The dog has been reported and euthanized which will support your claim. If you are suing for damages you will need to quantify a loss though.

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    Actually, no. Your fiancee has a case. He'll be awarded money, since you aren't married. So your fiancee should sue the owner for cost of medical bills.

    I know, I'll get 100 thumbs down for saying that, but that's how the law works.

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    you can sue anyone - now your chances against the town of winning at suit are slim to none unless they have a dangerous dog ordinance that they didn't enforce...

    your chances against the dog owner are fairly good....

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    you CAN sue

    so get on that ASAP

    if i were you i would go to judge judy she always grants to the people that get attacked

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