Sexy costumes under $20?

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Does anyone know any websites that I can get a cute, sexy halloween costume for under 20 dollars. It's ridiculous to have to spend 50 dollars or more on something im only going to more
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if you don't like those, there are also a lot that are 25, which is also close. but those are both under 20. =]
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  • anna answered 6 years ago
    go to a good will or salvation army thats were i found my costume
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  • dvcgurl answered 6 years ago
    just wear like a short skirt and a sexy top go as a lawyer or a teacher whatever so u dont have to spend where whats i your closet
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  • p0nygUrlwigGy answered 6 years ago

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  • Pek II: The World Warrior answered 6 years ago
    Just fashion together some cardboard "censored" signs.
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  • dr. dirty answered 6 years ago
    spend at least $30.
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