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With Lawrence Phillips going to prison, will squeaky clean Nebraska guru Tom Osborne apologize to his victim?

We all have long memories, right? Osborne suspends Phillips after he tosses a former girlfirend down a flight or two of stairs, only to reinstate him before huge bowl game, claiming of course that the sociopath Mr. Phillips was rehabilitated and good to go. This no doubt came on the heels of the godlike Mr. Osborne ignoring a few dozen flashing warning signs while recruiting the talented Mr. Phillips.

So, will the state of Nebraska's godlike hero be a man and apoligize, or continue to wimp out?

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    Get over it. Osborne did not make Phillips what he is. Osborne may be guilty of wanting to win games. Maybe by playing Phillips he was giving Phillips a second chance. We will never know what was said between Osborne and Phillips and how Phillips responded. Seconds chances are noble. Third, Forth, Fifth, etc chances are not. Don't blame Osborne. Phillips is responsible for his conduct.

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    Why would Osbourne apologize for the actions of another man who has long been out of the Nebraska program? Phillips is the only one who owes anyone an apology. Good luck trying to get it out of that piece of human filth.

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    If the people of Nebraska continued to worship Osborne after all of that, then who are we to worry about it.

    Osborne got his national titles and that's what Nebraska and its citizens wanted.

    Who cares about all the hoodlums that came and went.

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    no longer a Nebraska fan yet this caught my eye by way of fact we play them this week. I purely opt to assert I trust each thing you suggested. I even have grown up observing Michigan soccer, yet I even have constantly had one eye on satisfied Valley, and for one reason: JoePa. I even have constantly positioned him contained in a similar league as Lombardi,. Holtz, and wood-coaches who have been actual champions in each experience of the notice. at a similar time as i think of it grew to become into the dazzling circulate to hearth him, I nevertheless experience relatively undesirable for Paterno-the college mandatory a scapegoat, and Joe grew to become that scapegoat. at a similar time as he's not completely harmless, he does not deserve all the blame. too lots interest is being concentrated on him, relatively of on the sufferers, or on the valueless sack of dogs crap that led to all this. i'm beneficial some human beings have been pissed approximately 'public prayer,' yet I felt like it grew to become into the perfect thank you to commence the sport. The healing technique desires to commence for each man or woman, and this grew to become right into a physically powerful thank you to do it. The worst reaction now's for PSU to commence forfeiting video games/scholarships/ is not honest to punish the gamers and the gang for something that grew to become into thoroughly previous them. This has been a hard week for PSU, the huge 10, and all of school soccer. My prayers are with Joe, the great PSU kin, and maximum particularly the sufferers and their families.

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