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Peanut Butter - Atheists worst nightmare! Evolution disproven in seconds?

Atheist Scientists will tell us that Evolution is caused by matter being subjected to heat or light. Well then, let me prove evolution false.

Peanut butter is matter, right? It is also subjected to heat and light. So surely at some point peanut butter will produce new life? There have been literally billions of jars opened over the years and yet not one has prodcued life. Not even 1 monkey.

So you see, the claim made by scientists about evolution is clearly false.

And here's proof that leading religious scienticians agree!

Honestly. Can you believe this? I thought it was a windup. Anyone here agree that the peanut butter debunk disproves evolution or scientific abiogenesis?


Shandra - (and a few others) - I think you miss my point. So, perhaps grasp the concept of irony before making a fool out of yourselves. To make it clear: No. I do not believe that this link actually disproves evolution or abiogenesis. But I still thought it was worth sharing for the comedy value. The fact that it is not a joke makes it even funnier.

Update 2:

Someone mentioned the banana debunk. Well, here it is:

The real irony is that bananas exist in this form because mankind have cultivated them that way over the past several millenia. I also feel that because pumpkins carve into the perfect hallowe'en decoration that this proves God made them that way for that specific purpose. *And* they also make good soup and pie. Coincidence? I think not....

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    That was epic! Going in my favorites =D

    As a public service, I will now thumbs down every person here who is irony impared, and didn't get the joke. Sadly, I will be thumbing down mostly atheists.

    I guess humor is actually an atheist's worst nightmare. Shame.

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    =) lol. You are trolling right? I mean evolution theory doesn't involve how life began, that is a separate question covered in the study of abiogenesis. Then why would we think a jar of peanut butter would result in a new life form? I mean how long has a jar of peanut butter existed and life arose over billions of years plus the conditions about what was needed are still debated. No, this in no way disproves evolution. Don't worry, I didn't think you were serious about peanut butter disproving evolution.

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    there is no such thing as a religious scientician...

    And that is

    A) Because it's not peanut butter, it's a pool of water with certain chemicals in it that cause electricity. Add heat to THAT, and you could after say 500 million years get a cell. Peanut butter has only been around 100 or so years. DUH

    B) Because life already exists. There are literally thousands of little cells and bacteria in that peanut butter... if one formed, there's no way we would be able to tell the difference.

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    I have never heard a bonafide evolutionary scientist say that evolution is caused by heat and light. Evolution is simply a natural process by which an organism adapts for survival and/or reproductive purposes.

    if the flu virus did not evolve you would not need a flu shot every year.

    Get your facts straight and argue the points you really have a problem with. Using evolution as a catch all to combat creationism just makes you look undereducated.

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    Wow. All I can say is wow.

    No I can't believe it. LOL Wow.

    I am religious but am also a man of science and all I can say is "wow" Do people really believe that?

    I don't think I can eat peanut butter now without laughing. I wonder if the Jiff company knew he was holding their jar?

    If I told my little peanut loving brother this, he would be looking for sea monkeys everytime he opened a jar LOL

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    Whew, I thought you were going to use the factual God tube arguments that disprove evolution. Oops I did see this on God tube, there are actually some people that see this as factual. If you thought that was silly maybe you should google God-Tube?

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    I can't figure out if this idea is supposed to be serious or not. Obviously it sounds ridiculous to anyone with even the slightest idea of what evolution is, but there are people out there with woefully inaccurate understanding of evolution (and of peanut butter, apparently).

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    umm... okay, wow... peanut butter... for one thing, that's f***ing stupid... LIFE CAN NOT BE CREATED! alright?! EXISTING LIFE changes with heat and light... like, plants that live in the ocean grow to absorb more sunlight near the surface of the water (seaweed)... NOTHING IS CREATED... they were trying to disprove a theory that wasn't true to begin with... PEOPLE evolve as well... people that live close to the equator, for example, have developed darker skin and curly hair to reduce the chance of skin cancer and heat stroke (also, it's genetic, but you get the idea)... people that live further up north/south (in the colder areas), however, have lighter skin, straighter hair, etc. to absorb more sunlight... cockroaches have evolved since, the beginning of time, basically... unchanged for billions of years because they adapt so quickly... they haven't changed much in shape, but now they're starting to resist poison a lot better (they literally shake it off)... do you see what i'm saying? LIFE CAN BE CHANGED, NOT CREATED!

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    Did you EVER took a microscope and look in your jar of peanut butter??

    It is crawling with all sorts of live things..give them time and proper DNA and TIME..and you,ll see, what comes out from it..BUT, you´d need 100 000 years at least, to see some detectable changes

    Debunk? a.s.s.

  • Anonymous
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    heat or light??

    when did this become the basis of evolution?


    the origin of life, and evolution are two SEPARATE topics, and an any engineer who doesn't get this shouldn't be designing levees in New Orleans lol

    Source(s): it also takes a spark to get a car's engine running but the spark has no bearing on whether the car's tires go flat over the course of driving 1,000 miles after starting the engine
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