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Lawrence Phillips--predator or prey in prison?

I say predator. He's gonna beat down more than a few cons before they send him to Pelican Bay.


Osborne let a lot of people through his program like that. But, in the end, he won, maintained his legend, and will live out his days in luxury.

That's the American way--win at all costs and the people will love you, no matter how many failures are part of the pavement.

Didn't you get the memo?

Update 2:

Two of you have said prey--I don't see where you guys are coming from. If Phillips isn't already in a gang (I think he is, dating back to his LA days), the gangs will be lining up to recruit the guy. Plus he's got 10 years and nothing to lose.

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    He's in good shape. He'll be a predator. Those other convicts will look up to him. He won't have any trouble in prison.

    Source(s): Employment in a maximum security prison.
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    He'll be a predator for sure. Lots of guys will end up on the receiving end of some Lawrence Phillips love.

    But I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly bash one Tom Osborne, the "squeaky clean" Nebraska legend, who reinstated one Mr. Phillips on the eve of a big bowl game, claiming he had been "rehabilitated" after tossing his former girlfriend down a flight of stairs. This after the squeaky clean guy no doubt ignored a few dozen warning signs while he was recruiting the talented Mr. Phillips.

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    He'll be prey, you can bet ole LP hasn't been around anyone near as bad as the fellas he's fixin to meat! He'll be getting it from both ends before he gets out.

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