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I have bad credit but desperately need a loan?

Hi there,

I have bad credit and I dont have any real assets to my name. All I have are personal items which equate to about 15k in total. I need to refinance my credit card and pay out one of the cards I defaulted on. In totaly the refinancing I need to do is about 6,500. Yet I'm finding it very hard to find anywhere that will do it. How do I get myself out of this one? Im working full time and am on around 50k/year. I would be willing to pay a higher interst rate in order to refinance.


Guys I forgot to ass im not in america.

Im in Australia.

The problem I have right now is I need money to pay off my card because Im about to travel. Money isnt my problem in the long run I am just not liquid at the moment and need a quick loan to fix the card and be on my way.

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    You may think your stuff is worth all those charges you made to get it but reality is it is now worth about 10% of that value, unless you depreciated it before posting the figure. Go get yourself a part time job and throw it all at the debt 6500. is in the scheme of things not very much. Then after you get that job TODAY, oh yes they are available all over the place busboy is fine for you until the debt is paid, go seek financial counseling because you have big money management problems.

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    You simply may not be able to at this time. Despite what Bush's lying mouth keeps saying about how we needed this bailout, all the money is going to the Wall Street crooks to preserve their multimillion dollar bonuses and the to the badly run banks for the same reason, and ordinary people will be left holding an empty bag and in worse financial shape than before, because now you will have to pay an extra $10,000 so the wealthy and well-connected can keep their yachts, their mansions, and their fleet of antique luxury cars. You, meanwhile get nothing.

    About all you can do is to call the credit card and tell them it is a financial crisis and all you can do is to pay them either they get real or they get nothing. Offer to pay them some smaller amount every month as a good faith gesture until the financial storm passes, which may be never. If they don't want to go along, then tell them to pound salt and tell them they will get nothing. You have to be tough or they will beat you into the ground. These are the same crooks who are also getting a big chunk of the bail out so they can keep working over the average working American. If you are not rich and well-connected. Bush would just as soon trample over you.

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    1) if you earn $50K per yr and only have credit card debt in the amount of $6500 - YOU need budgeting assistance & you can't get a loan to pay off credit debt so you might as well stop trying.

    2) either trim your spending and pay the cards off slowly or

    3) take the hit (since you dont' have good credit anyway) and let the cards go back and learn to live on your income rather than credit

    good luck (you need money management skills/training not a loan)

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    50k a year and you can't pay your credit cards? The other guy is right. Money is not your problem. Procrastination and greed are. Do without some luxury in your life right now (like going out to movies, dining out, smoking cigarettes). You'll be surprised how much money you save.

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  • Adam F
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    1) you don't refinance a credit card

    2) contact a non-profit agency in your area about budget counseling

    3) always make at least the minimum payments on your cards

    your problem isn't money, your problem is that you don't know how to handle money or credit. help is the best thing for you, you need education.

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    I was make my card here.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Adam F is correct.

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