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Does anyone know of a tabletop dishwaher that doesnt need to be plumbed into the main washing machine pipes?

I have just moved into a new flat. It has a very small kitchen, no where near enough room for a full sized washing machines, tumble dryer and dishwasher! I have a small tumble dryer that can be put under the breakfast bar if need be, and I would like a small dishwasher that I can put on a unit somewhere.

But, there is only 1 connection to the main water pipes- which my washing machine currently uses, plus even if I wanted to use a Y conection (which I have seen suggested several times) I would need to drill a hole through the unit to get to it, which in a rented flat is not an option.

I have heard people talk about ones that just plug onto the kitchen taps, and they would be ideal. Trouble is I cant find any. Does anyone know of any anywhere?!

Do they work?!

Thanks. Kim


hey yes I am in the UK.

And to make matters worse, when I had a look it appears that my taps do not have any screw threads. There is nothing to screw anything onto. How does that work?!!!

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    When I used to live in an apartment, I needed a washer hook-up really bad and my daughters friends dad was a plumber, he used a part from a portable dishwasher to hook up my machine.

    I know these parts are in Lowe's , Home Depot, hardware stores, etc.

    It's nothing drilled just added to the washing pipe somehow on the machine and drains into the sink from itself..

    Tell them at the store you are looking for a portable dishwasher tap to put on your kitchen sink, it should have a red release button on it to remove the pressure build up and two hoses, one for intake water and one for outgoing all together..

    DO NOT FORGET TO GET the faucet thing it grips onto or it will leak all over!

    Source(s): It will look like the picture at the top.
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    Sounds like you're in the UK so this might not help. I'm in Canada and there are countertop dishwashers here, about the size of a large microwave. It hooks up to your kitchen faucet. It worked fine though I found it most useful for glasses, cups, and cutlery since those are fussier to wash than plates. Try an internet search to find out who makes one in Europe, then see who might sell one locally.

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    yes its called Haier brand they have washers, dish washers

    [counter top]

    our washer is great

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    try Lowes..

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