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me and my swt hrt hads sex 2-3 days before her date wat are her chancesw to be pergnant?

i had sex wid my girl friend 2-3 days before her date.we had it on 3rd and her date is on 5th may be it may shift to 7th.on 6th morning she had very little amount of bleeding and it her period started or is she pregnant

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    plz keep ur hands , legs and ********* quiet then u will not face such problems.

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    1) Practice safe sex...Use condoms. Yes it sucks but wouldn't be in this problem now would you if you kept it in your pants or used a jimmy.

    2) Now for the non-preachy answer: No, she's not pregnant. Your question was very choppy so hard to say for sure but they don't get pregnant before their period but just after. If she's bleeding that's either a bad sign for a pregnancy (miscarriage) or just her period. If she just got pregnant, she wouldn't be showing signs of a period a few days later or even a miscarriage that soon.

    3) Your girl should know this without you asking.

    Chill, wear a jimmy next time and tell your girl to not get pregnant from you. Ever.

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    Ok giving is days of when u have sex dont not determin of she is pregnat or not.

    FIrst of all did u use condom or any other anti pregancy that is sciencetifically proven to work as in condom, birth pills etc.

    If not then tough luck gl at being a father.

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    there is a good chance that shes pregnant you should get her a test to make sure because you never know

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    no its normal

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