Why did the Vatican call the Democratic party, the party of death?

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I am not Catholic but I have great respect for the Catholic Church. If you are Catholic, does this concern you? If you are not a Catholic but are a Christian, how do you feel about the things being said about the Democratic Party being the party of death? If you are not a Christian but you respect the Catholic Church, are you concerned about these comments?

Please note, I was raised in a Democratic family who was committed to the blue collar workers and unions. It was only after the Democratic Party became so polarized and taken over by ultra liberals that I reluctantly changed my party to be Republican. I deeply wish we had a third party that was moderate and more middle of the road. I think McCain is the closest we have come in years to having someone who will not be influenced by strict party lines. He had even considered becoming a Democrat at one time because of the things he could not support in the Republican party.

Anyway, I have done much soul-searching and want to know what Catholics and those who are not Catholic think about these comments.

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    The Democratic Party has become a Party of misfits. They work so hard to get votes that they try to have a platform that covers everyone. So they will promote gay rights (which today means marriage, or almost marriage), abortion, atheism, etc. When you have so many diverse people together all for one cause, you find there is no common cause.

    IOW, there is no unifying cause and you have chaos and anger. Each one there for his or her own goals, that are not the goals of the entire group. This is why at one point we saw them the Party that protected the Jews as a minority. They were the first to come forward to protect the Jewish people. However, today, so all of this will mesh right for such a diverse group, they condemn Israel and claim it is honorable to condemn them as they don't represent true Jews.

    I use to be a Democrat also, but now I see them as a party of angry people which can only exist if they move toward socialism. IOW, I don't think they promote socialism, but for their party to work they are forced into socialism. Look at Pelosi and Reid... they always have a scowl on their face. These are not happy people but angry people. No wonder they are so excited about Obama... this was the first one they had in a long time that could smile. But as we get further into the election we see even him with a seriousness and unhappy look on his face. With them it is about blame... blame Bush or blame the rich, or blame the Christians.

    When they started their Christian bashing is when I started to see them different than simply another Party. These are very unhappy people that wants to restrict others' rights. If they had it in their power to control others, that is exactly what they would do and on their course of socialism, that is exactly what they would do.

    These people don't worship any higher power as they substitute the constitution. Written by simple men at a time toilet paper was not invented yet. But they see that as infallible words that they use as their god to control others instead of allow others freedom to live and worship how they wish.

    Yes, I would like independents to emerge and the Democrats to die on the vine of extremists parties of the past. It is likely this will happen in time as we've seen other socialist parties do throughout world history.

    You don't have to be a Catholic to realize that life begins at conception. Eventually the unborn will be represented by lawyers and the innocent will have a fighting chance against their mother that thinks her "humanism" trumps the innocent.

    IOW, Roe v. Wade will not have to be overthrown, the constitution will be used to give the most innocent amongst us the right to be represented in a court of law. Then a mother will have to fight against her own child whose life should be spared.

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    Because it is. It is the Democrat party that supports the holocaust being perpetrated against humanities most innocent and helpless. It is the Democrat party that has supported the special right of mothers to murder their own children. Every year there are millions of deaths because of the policies promoted by the Democrat party. These murders have been in much greater numbers that any attempts at genocide in all of human history. Not only do these laws allow the murders of babies but condemns their mothers to committing mortal sin which separates them from their eternity. Abortion is purely evil, it murders babies and the souls of their mothers. God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

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    I think the Democratic Party has defined itself as exactly that, based on the plank in its platform concerning abortion -- which no longer even bothers to couch their position in the cautionary language of "safe, legal, and rare". It now baldly states:

    “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right”.

    "Regardless of ability to pay" means the Democrats feel strongly enough about this to find some way to fund these unequivocally supported abortions courtesy of taxpayers. There is just no other way to interpret that statement; it's something even Joe Biden knows is code for "federally funded if no one else picks up the tab".

    The Catholic Church is merely stating this the way it is: If you aren't for life, what are you for?

    I feel the same as you about the polarization of our politics, and this is one of the issues that is doing it. It's the inevitable fallout from ramrodding Roe v. Wade instead of leaving the matter where it belonged, with the states, so that the necessary debate in the public square could occur.

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    Because democrats support abortion. The Catholic church does not. I don't know I what I am I believe in God but organized religion is not for me so I am not really sure how to answer the second part of your question.

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    40 million dead babies is one reason why. I have heard this for years long before the Vatican and unfortunately it fits

    McCain is not our guy either and you are right he is a closet democrat I used to live in his State. So vote for Palin then she is the real republican party and that is who we are voting for.

    I tried to list all death that the Democrat party has caused from Vietnam and the after math to the destruction of the Black family but the list is just to long and to depressing at this late hour.

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    This isn't the Vatican's call - this is a statement taken from the former Archbishop Burke of St Louis.

    "Burke is considered one of the more orthodox and outspoken conservative bishops within the Catholic Church."


    He's just abusing his power to campaign for the Republican party.

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    Democrats or Republicans, they are all the same. The American government, with the wars they waged, is responsible for the death of millions of people.

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    Organized religion has no credibility. Anyone who tells tales of an invisible sky wizard who appeared to some members of a nomadic tribe, handing down laws engraved on stone tablets and promised eternal damnation, or at least a weekend in Cleveland, to those who broke the laws and then said that if you did what he did when he visited earth and called himself his son and ate some bread and drank some wine which he transformed into his body and blood then you would go to some place where all your wishes would be granted is in need of some serious head shrinking. The republicans are just as much a party of death. They just wait and recruit or draft them into the military and send them off to die for oil and conquest.

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    Oh please. When people showed scientific evidence that the Earth was not flat, the Vatican burned them alive. The Vatican is the blood-thirstiest organization known to mankind, nothing but pure raw evil and malice ever came out from there. I don't know what it is you respect about Christianity, but I suspect you haven't learned enough about it - do so and see that "respect" crumble to dust and vanish.

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    Because they are on the Republican Payroll..Don't Forget "The Vatican" bankrolled illegal gambling & the porn industry in the United States. You will find courtcases with full documentation if you search the internet.

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