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I do I

Fell so right?

This is how I

Only feel tonight.

I do I

Feel so right?

Today is....





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    線索有一點點錯誤,但我猜應該是 Tonight And The Rest Of My Life(今夜,餘生)

    主唱 : Nina Gordon(妮娜高登) 2000年發行的專輯

    Youtube上的MTV : 上去聽聽看對不對 ?

    歌詞如下 :

    "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life"

    Down to the earth I fell

    With dripping wings

    Heavy things won't fly

    And the sky might catch on fire

    And burn the axis of the world

    That's why I prefer a sunless sky

    To the glittering and stinging in my eyes


    (Oh, I.....)

    I feel so light

    This is all I want to feel tonight

    I feel so light

    Tonight and the rest of my life

    Gleaming in the dark sea

    I'm as light as air

    Floating there breathlessly

    When the dream dissolves

    I open up my eyes

    I realize that

    Everything is shoreless sea

    A weightlessness is passing over me


    Everything is waves and stars

    The universe is resting in my arms

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