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Playing College Football?

Right now im a senior in high school and have not played officially on a team but have been playing for at least 6 years with friends every week. Im 5'9 about 160 im pretty quick not extra fast and have some power. Im wondering after i graduate if i took a year off and worked out a lot and got in great shape if theres a chance to go to a 1-AA and walk on to a football team and have a chance to make it?

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    Playing with pads is a heck of a lot different then playing with your friends

    Pads can restrict your range of motion to a certain extent. And its not all about ability its about understanding football, the plays ran, the types of offenses and defenses, formations.. etc. by not playing for a real team can really hurt ur chances, but its not impossible....... look at antonio gates...... didnt play football until college and hes one of the best tight ends...... just keep working out and try to get faster and stronger

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    You won't be playing 1-AA. That's still D-1 and all of those guys are very, very, very good. Almost all of them are on scholarship. If you've never been on a team then the daily grind of practice, game tape review, memorizing the playbook (which involves learning a whole new language), and a variety of other things are going to give you a very slim chance of success. Basically, D-1AA, or FCS as it's now called, is still a hyper-competitive level of football.

    P.S. If you weigh 160, you don't have any power. You better run a mid 4.5 if you've got any chance.

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