Lymes disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever people...Help!?

I'm 18 years old. I've been battling Rocky Mountain Spotted fever for over a year a now! I never got the rash, or seen the tick, but my symptoms include...Horrible muscle, body, bone aches, whatever you want to call it in random places and random times. Stiff arms, cramping feelings, nausea after eating, and random times through out the day. I get really bad cramps then have a bowl movement sometimes. I feel like I have a bowl movement every time I eat. I'm also suffering anorexia from the RMSF, it has made me loose all sense of appetite, I force food down my throat, I've lost so much weight, just by not having an appetite, and the fear that I feel so sick after eating. My weight has dropped tremendously, everyone’s noticing a difference. I have headaches, but not that bad. I have a horrible sensitivity to light. I'm always sleepy, like I can't get enough. I have twitches, and sometimes it feels like something is crawling up my skin, typically on legs and arms. I have two lumps on my neck, the doctor, things it's pulled muscles from my muscles being so rough on it all the time, or lymph nodes from all the infection. They've been there for probably about nine months. All my symptoms seem to be worse when stressing out about it. I go back to the doctor Monday, for my couple of month check-up's. I've taken a bunch of rounds of anti-biotic, and wont seem to go away! After taking the anti-biotic, I feel great for a month, or even more, then my symptoms come back. I can't stand this, it has me scared all the time. I just want to know if anyone else is going through what I am, what their symptoms are, and what the difference between RMSF and Lyme’s is...

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