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Can anyone please tell me why they're voting for a particular candidate?

I'd like to know what the American people see in each candidate. Not just a slogan or a catchy phrase, such as, "NoBama or McSame". Forget about bashing one or the other candidate with "just because", but a realistic reason why or why not they are voting for someone.

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    I am voting for Palin and against Obama.

    Pakin right now has met more world leaders than Obama

    Palin has more Executive experience than Obama. In Fact she has the same amount of experience that Teddy Roosevelt did when he became VP.

    Palin has been to visit the troops in the very hospital in Germany Obama skipped. She did it without a magical photo tour.

    Palin was in the middle East with the troops a year before Obama and his tour.

    Obama didn't accomplish anything as a community agitator, his goal was to fix asbestos in a apartment building, failed.

    He did not fix it as state senator either. He did not fix it as US senator. Maybe as President he will finally fix that problem.

    Below is what he did do in Chicago.

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    Palin Took on her own party and the Oil companies and defeated corruption. Obama has done nothing.

    Palin got her people money from the oil companies. Obama got slum lords money.

    Palin has no Communist buddies trying to get her into power.

    Obamas Communist buddies.

    William Ayers

    Mike Klonsky

    Marilyn Katz

    Carl Davidson

    Bernadene Dohrn

    Frank Davis

    Tom Hayden

    (see My 360 for profiles)

    Palin has started the largest most expensive multi national pipeline project in US history, employing tens of thousands. Obama nothing.

    Palin had the fore site to start that project without washington and will eventually deliver the rest of America much needed natural gas when ever the Democrats stop blocking it. Obama voted with democrats to block that oil and gas.

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    I can see that both sides have very good points to support their campaigns, but I personally am voting McCain/Palin because of the right to life issues, their moral integrity, their extensive support of the troops, and my belief that McCain has more experience and backbone. To me, Barack Obama has not really given me any reason that he is the better candidate. He makes beautiful speeches and has the support of Hollywood, but I am not convinced. I am also ashamed of his view on partial birth abortion and fetus rights. I am hopeful whoever gets into the white house can help our country as a whole, but those are a couple of my personal reasons for my choice.

    I have to say that the general public should not hold the republican party personally responsible for our current financial woes. It has been a joint effort with both parties in our house of representatives over the years and now it is easy to point the finger becuase we have a republican president. This is also being used against McCain in a wrongful way. We as American citizens have also added insult to injury by the way we have lived the "American Dream" and living beyond our means. We must all take responsibility for these actions, not expect the government to bail us out all the time. JFK once said."Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country". We are a society of individuals who crave instant gratification and free lunch. What many don't realize is that SOMEONE has to pay. Less take and more give of our citizens and a crackdown on illegal immigrants would put a big dent in the deficit. Thank you for your question...

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    Obama will get my vote because he has ideas that are totally opposite of the current administration. He is very bright, sincere, a good Democrat, a good husband and father and I think his honesty will be a refreshing change. It won't take him long to start turning things around and begin to repair the damage to our country and economy.

    ADD: Stephen: Did something already happen to McCain? Is Sarah Palin running for President against Obama?

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    I am voting against the continuation of Reaganomics, and want the incompetent Bush appointees all fired. McCain is not like Bush, but he has not assured me he is different enough not to use the same advisers on the economy or that will stand up the Christian Right's influence in agencies of the government.

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    Either Barr or Baldwin. I don't want to be responsible for the same damaging Republicratic policies.

  • Does Stephen know that McCain is the one running for president?

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