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tax aid and healther care are bad?

Are you serious?? Your are telling me you wont vote for someone who will lower taxes for all the middle class?? Under 250,000?? is that bad?? Give healthcare to million of uninsured? I have a job, I have healthcare, and I dont mind people who are homeless getting some too..And if he can make the oil companies pay for it, I'm even more for it. I dont really understand why people are against a guy who wants to help the average person.. Not the rich.. And no one on here is really really rich..


ok.. dont tell me he isn't good. tell me why what he is trying to do is bad....unless you are rich and you dont want others paying less tax..but you should, so people have more money to spend at your store?? smart answers only please

Update 2:

you are mistaken if you think the business owners keep american running... americans who go to work everyday and spend $11 on a movie and $4 bucks on a beer, keep america running.. dont be so shallow..

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    You need to re-examine who it is exactly he is going to get that money from. Not oil companies. While I don't believe the wealthy should enjoy special tax breaks, I also believe you FAIRLY tax the citizens. Singling out one group to punish for their wealth by taking it and giving it to others is not noble like it sounds. If our country operates this way, I can assure you, people will:

    a) start making more of their hard-earned money UNDER THE TABLE

    b) making damn sure they get a cap on their salary (after all, any lower than that and you can just take it from the rich,right?)

    c) never aspire to do anything for yourself because the government will provide for you

    That type of atmosphere leads to worse and more devastating economic conditions than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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    What he is proposing to do is not bad at all. The rich will continue to get richer, regardless if their taxes should go up. That is what the foreign markets and off shore accounts are set up for. That is what real estate investments are meant for, business partnerships, strong portfolio's that are hefty in tax haven investments, large charitable donations, amongst other things.

    In my opinion there really isn't a middle class of any substantial kind anymore due to the lack of industry, growing job losses, more outsourcing of jobs, as well as bringing in foreigner's on work visa's for specific fields because they will work for less and our graduates can't compete as well in the same fields without longer years of study. Sad to say, but true.

    I'm an older Independent and don't understand the difficulty in understanding Senator Obama's tax proposals or health care proposals are seen as horrible.

    The fact that it will help the 'middle class' to start to see some light at the end of the tunnel should be viewed as a good thing. The majority of American's are not in that upper class economic scale. While the wealthy spend, it's in ways that support themselves and their lifestyles more so than the economy. The majority are what keep the economy going. If a family can no longer go out to eat, they can no longer support the local restaurant owner, etc.

    Giving them a break would allow them to contribute to the economy more, to save, to help others climb up the ladder too.

    Making health care more affordable to those who have little or none at all, will make for healthier citizens, which in the long run will cut costs in the medical care arena. I don't think doctor's have a real problem with this, since there is a wide spread organization of them now wanting to contribute to America's better health through affordable health care. Hospitals will be able to provide better care, and many be able to re-open if more people had health care benefits. In NY alone there are several hospitals that have had to close because they could no longer afford taking care of the uninsured. I have heard the same is true in California and some in Texas as well, that these hospitals can only operate their emergency rooms. Also, depending on what area one lives in throughout the country, will depend on the quality of care received. There are many that complain that illegals and uninsured get the best of treatment. While it's true that all hospital emergency rooms are suppose to treat all people, the quality of care received is vastly different throughout the country. Those will insurance, tend to get the better care as the hospital is guaranteed some payment. Doctor's offices no longer will treat anyone without payment, the days of sending monthly bills are long gone.

    There are many more up sides to Senator Obama's proposals than down sides.

    The healthier American's are, the more productive they are, the less costs in the long run, the more money to put towards other things and back into the economy.

    There will always be those who don't abide, and take advantage of the system, but again that too is not the majority. I think it's unfair to jump to conclusions based on that assumption.

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    Assuming you're talking about that meathead Obama...

    1. look closely at the plan, he wants to lower capital gains taxes for small business owners. Small business owners generally don't pay capital gains taxes. He has not proposed reducing anyone's personal income tax rate.

    2. it is NOT the government's function to provide health care. Socialized health care in a big Country with a big government like the US will be a disaster. Health care is already about 2/3 of the budget. The private sector does EVERYTHING (aside from perhaps maintain military forces) better and more efficiently than government. Almost without exception socialized health care is a failure. It drives prices up, and quality and choices down.

    3. Making oil companies pay is a bad idea. First, they have an 8% profit margin, less than food, retail, electronics, health care, and most other businesses. Corporations don't pay income taxes. Income taxes are a cost of operating the business the same as salaries and the electric bill. They simply pass it on to the consumer. Forcing oil companies to pay more taxes just increases the price of their products. Oh, and oil companies have employees too. And many of us have retirement plans with stock investments in oil.

    4. The rich represent the most cash flow in the market and have the 2nd most employees. Penalizing them for being successful hurts us all.

    5. raising corporate taxes encourages those businesses to take their business out of the Country and take the jobs with them.

    Businesses DO keep America running. Without the business there is no job for that regular Joe to earn money to spend.

    If you think $11 on a movie is too much, just don't go. It's that simple. When people stop paying too much, prices come down. As long as you're willing to pay too much somebody is willing to charge too much. The citizens have one of the most powerful tools at their disposal, the dollar, use it wisely.

    And no, I'm not voting for McCain.

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    each and every time the gov't gets in contact, the full gadget will disintegrate. The Canadian gadget won't paintings right here interior the states because of the fact maximum folk won't stand for a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days watch for a optionally available surgical treatment. Salaries {which includes Md's} will bypass down, so which you have a mass exodus of properly knowledgeable experts. opposition will go through, new study will cut back. the wealthy who could have adequate money inner maximum wellbeing care will accomplish that, and then there will be whining suitable to the wealthy get greater effective wellbeing care...etc ....etc... it is been shown that social wellbeing care isn't the respond right here interior the states. we could desire to be sure the place the waste is and bypass from there. end frivolous regulation suits, so malpractice insurance can come down, enhance nurses salaries {purely kidding}, in uncomplicated terms some suggestions.

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    Why do people believe that the government should be responsible for all of those things that some people do not work for and provide for themselves ? Where did we ever get the idea that our government should provide us with health care ? Do you really believe that a democracy can sustain it's self after the citizens learn that they can vote themselves large gifts that are paid by the public treasury ?

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    Ok, people really need to stop repeating the "he only wants to tax the rich" line... First, he only started saying that when he was taking heat (his original plan reverted all income taxes to Clinton levels). Second, raising taxes on the "rich" and businesses will RAISE TAXES ON EVERYONE.

    What do you think will happen to the prices of oil if they raise taxes on the oil companies?? You think you pay too much for gas now?

    It's simple: if you raise the taxes on a guy with a business, he is either going to raise the prices of his products to compensate, or lay off some of his workers, or both! You think that he's just going to say, "oh well" and cut back on his spending (which incidentally would also decrease the flow of cash into the economy and cause problems)?

    Oh, and one other little gotcha: Obama wants to make tax increases on the rich RETROACTIVE! This is straight from his site, feel free to look it up:

    "Obama will ask the wealthiest 2% of families to give back a portion of the tax cuts they have received over the past eight years to ensure we are restoring fairness and returning to fiscal responsibility."

    In other words, he's going to give you a tax cut if you're not rich ($1000 "making work pay" credit) but going to really stick it to the rich. How is it "fair" to penalize people for being successful??

    As for health care, it's a myth that the number of uninsured is high, or that people can't get care. According to the 2006 census, about 45 million residents were uninsured. That includes illegal immigrants and legal temporary residents. So, you can immediately knock about 10-15 million off that. It also includes a large number of people who don't have insurance because they don't feel the need to purchase it even though they can afford it. Also, if you ever go to an emergency room, you'll find plenty of people (mostly poor or illegal immigrants) there waiting to be treated for colds, knee problems, acne, whatever... Because they can't be turned away due to lack of insurance, and they know they'll never be forced to actually pay...

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    My income alone doesn't put me past $250,000 but my assets do, and my parents would be paying slightly higher taxes under Obama. However, I don't mind paying more (and it won't be much more anyway) if that means that more people who live here will actually be part of that whole "American Dream" we all seem to have left behind at some point. So sad that it has been forgotten in the recent past. Everybody deserves a chance to succeed.

    Source(s): I'm not a greedy, money-loving tightwad. I want to get into Heaven, if there is one.
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    The thing is, there are plenty of working americans who cannot afford health insurance. I have a small business and teach part time. I have no benefits and must pay for my own health insurance. What many people who are insured thru their company do not realize is how hard it is to find decent insurance that is affordable, especially if you are over 40 and have any health problems at all.

    The other thing a lot of republicans seem not to realize is that our current system is actually quite costly. Hospitals have to treat people who come in with emergencies. Many people who cannot afford health care end up not getting any preventative health care but wind up in the ER after their condition becomes very severe and very expensive to fix. We all absorb the cost of this.

    From the World Health Organization:

    "The U.S. health system spends a higher portion of its gross domestic product than any other country but ranks 37 out of 191 countries according to its performance, the report finds. The United Kingdom, which spends just six percent of GDP on health services, ranks 18 th . Several small countries – San Marino, Andorra, Malta and Singapore are rated close behind second- placed Italy."

    I believe that Obama will do the most to help our sagging health care system. Not to mention a lot of other things!

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    99% of what politicians promise during an election never come to fruition. The cost of universal healthcare is completely unrealistic in light of the newly passed bailing/rescue. Further, the $1 Trillion dollars of new spending will make Obama's proposed tax cuts IMPOSSIBLE.

    I agree that helping the poor is a noble pursuit, but it's not realistic since as a nation we are facing the worst financial crisis since 1929.

    The truth is neither candidate will be able to lower taxes.

    Source(s): It is what it is. I will vote for experience, reform and bipartisanship McCain/Palin '08 IMO
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    I am telling you that I will not vote for someone who will raise taxes on the very people who keep this economy working. If you fail to see this in the shadow of the bright light the media has portrayed, I am sorry.

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