Need help for spanish project?

are any famous latinos from colombia?


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    Simon Bolivar was actually from Venezuela , but helped Columbia win its independence from Spain. The site below has several politicians in an article. I am having a problem locating current celebrities other than people accused of being drug lords. Surely they must have authors, entertainers, scientists.

    Here's a few more, located at the second site below.

    Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez known as "Gabo" is an author, Nobel Prize winner

    Manuel Patarroyo, one of the world's most flamboyant medical researchers, a biochemist from Colombia, has developed the world's first safe and effective malaria vaccine.

    Is there really a Juan Valdezz of coffee fame?

    Fernando Botero, artist

    Orlando Ayala, Group Vice President. Sales, Marketing and Services Group, Microsoft. Orlando Ayala,

    Colombian master robot-maker Alvaro Villa

    Rodolfo Llinas Ph.D., M.D.

    Professor of Neuroscience

    Jose Ignacio Barraquer (1916-1998), M.D., Colombia "The Father of refractive surgery"

    Colombian Scientist Jorge Reynolds heart and the Humpback Whales

    The third site has many more current events, such as Olympic ice skaters,

    INGRID BETANCOURT, 2008 PRINCE OF ASTURIAS AWARD FOR CONCORD was held hostage for 6 years,

    Villegas gets first PGA Tour victory Golfer,

    José Antonio Ocampo won prize for creative economist,

    Colombian architect Simon Velez ,

    and, of course, Shakira who was born in Columbia of Lebanese and European descent. Hopefully, one of these will help you with your project.

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    I dont understand why this quesion was necessary but here are some colombianos para ti:


    Juan Pablo Montoya

    Fernando Botero

    Gabriel García Márquez

    Eduardo Caballero Calderón

    carlos valderamma

    faustino asprilla

    and many more.

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    That ***** from Columbia. What's her name....

  • 1 decade ago

    umm shakira? or is she from argentina

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