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Anonymous asked in PetsOther - Pets · 1 decade ago

Am I A Responsible Animal Owner?

I own seventeen animals and I was wondering if I was responsible with them.


I have two cockatiels and three parakeets. Every week I ride my bike to the local pet store and buy them their toys, cuttle bones, treats, calcium supplements, and any thing else I need while I am there. I also take them every month to an Avian Vet for their monthly check-ups. Every four months I trim their nails, and every six months I clip their wings. I let them out for about four to six hours a day. I handle (stroking them, playing ladders with them, and cuddling) them for about an hour. I am currently working on getting my cockatiels used to water. I make sure my parakeets/cockatiels have vitamin/calcium enriched food. I clean all my birds' cages each week, without using any harmful chemicals or substances. My parakeet recently is showing signs of being about to lay. This was by accident. I have loving and responsible homes lined up for them.

Frogs/ White's Tree Frogs-

We have three of these frogs. Each week I buy crickets for them, sometimes mealworms for a treat every so often. They go to an Exotic Vet every month for monthly check-ups. We have heating lamps to keep their color up. We have de-chlorified water for them to soak in. We also have a variety of logs, fake plants, huts for them. We play with them for about an hour each day.

Cats/Himalayan Long-Haired-

We have one male and female Himalayan cats. They are neutered/spayed. They shed a lot, so I daily brush their coat. i also clean their litter boxes weekly. Charlie (male) goes to the Vet once more than my other animals because he is an outdoor cat. He gets his shots every three weeks. We have decided against de-clawing them. Every month we give them cat-nip, which makes them extremely hyper, which is why we do this monthly. Misty (female) goes monthly. She was a rescue cat, and she still has a bit of behavioral issues.

Dogs/Cockerspainel/Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier-

Our dogs get walked every morning and night. They go outside and roam freely (fenced-in back yard), and we get them groomed every two months. We have them potty trained, and they are very people friendly. They go to a Vet every two months (we have a lot of animals!). They eat some people food, but not a lot. Rusty (cocker) has a bloodline of winning show dogs, they are all winners, it's some strict breeding thing. Rusty isn't a show dog. He's a family dog, and we have never bred him. The breeder wanted us to breed him and put him in shows, but we refused. They get treats every night before bed. They have a lot of toys! Too bad they don't know how to pick them up.


We have three, two dwarfs and one Syrain. We give them veggies but take them out after an hour. They get handled every day, and love to run around in their balls. We use Care Fresh bedding, not cedar. We take them to the vet every two months. We clean their cage every week. Our Syrain is so nice! We keep them all together, and our Syrain doesn't even so much as glance at them. They have three wheels in their cage. One for each. Our Robo, Sweetie, likes to use cotton balls and make a buiding out of them. Our Russian, Deadly Nightshade, has a bit of a attitude. She doesn't like to be handled when I'm holding the others. Our dwarfs make tunnels underground, so it takes about five minutes to find them.

Cichlid Oscar-

We named him Oscar, creative, huh? He doesn't go to a vet. He is five years old now, and he's dieing. He is immune to ick, which kind of scares me. He's not very strong, now. He doesn't go up to get air that often. We feed him crickets, small grasshoppers, and other bugs. He's about a foot long now. He used to have a buddy, but he died three years ago. Also, Oscar likes to eat small goldfish and minos, too.


I volunteer at Animal Friends Humane Society in Trenton, Ohio.I work with the dogs, cats, rodents, and birds. I work with the small/medium sized birds. I foster home the birds, though. I have a rather large aviary that takes up half my yard. It is divided into sections that are large enough to house a African Grey parrot. The birds are not housed together. They are housed in extemely large cages, that are separated, with room to fly around. In the back area is where all the cages are, and the front is where they fly around. We have perches, cuttlebones, calcium blocks, about eight different foods for each different species of bird. The cages can hold about fifteen to twenty parakeets, if that gives you any idea of how large the cages are. I don't house large birds, they are too large for me. The birds don't fly around at one time. Each species gets about an hour of play time. So I do help the local animals.

I pay for all the food, housing, vet bills, toys, treats, medical treatments, play gyms (for birds), wing/nail trimming, grooming, shots, and other necassary things by myself. The only animals I don't pay for, are the Maltese an

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you are telling the truth, you are FANTASTIC. I may come to live with you because you are wonderful. God Bless you for your care and patience.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not sure why these animals, particularly the dogs, have to go to the vet so often. Hope you just mean for grooming... you say the dogs roam freely outside...I hope you have them on heartworm preventative...

    Are you retired? Because you sure sound like you have a lot of time...which granted, living alone and having this many animals you must have a lot of time.

    As much care as you take with the rest of the household, think you should visit a knowledgeable fish store... the Oscar sounds like he needs some help.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you are the most Responsible Pet owner on the Planet but I think you should take Cichlid Oscar to the vet.

  • Rachel
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    :o ya i wish i could have that manyh animals my mom would kill me. i only have 2 russian dwarf hamsters, tropical and freshwater fish, 3 parakeets, 2 cats, and 2 tadpoles lol i can take care of em all but my mom says im on pet overload... lol yea u r a responsible pet ooner i thinkies

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh wow, i would say you are taking very good care fo your pets! Good for you, you are very responsible!

  • 1 decade ago

    why don't you decide for your self? common sense??

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