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What are the japanese translations for the following...?

Sword fire Water earth and lightning

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    剣 - ken - sword

    火 - ka - fire

    水 - sui - water

    土 - do - earth

    雷光 - raikou - lightning

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    If you're looking for the elements, then pronunciation that I've stated is actually the correct terms.

    Mizu (水) - is actually the word for the drink, water whereas Sui is how it is pronounced if you were to talk about the element water.

    Hi (火 ) - is fire, but if you want to say the element fire, you would say Ka.

    Chikyuu (地球) - is the Earth, but if you want to say the element Earth, then the correct term is 土 (do - prounounced like the do in DOnut)

    Just wanted to clear that.

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    Sword - "katana, tsurugi (剣)

    Fire (On fire) - "moeteimasu" (火)

    Water - "mizu" (水)

    Earth - "chikyuu" (地球)

    Lightning - "inazuma, inabikari "(雷)

    I listed the symbols for you too. I hope this is what you are looking for. Take care.

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    Sword - 刀 katana

    fire - 火 hi

    Water - 水 mizu

    earth - 地球 chikyuu

    lightning - 稲光 -inabikari or 電光 - denkou

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    Sword = ken, katana

    fire = hi, honoo

    Water = mizu

    earth = chikyuu (planet), daichi (ground)

    lightning = inazuma (weather), denkou (bolt)

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