What the hell this guy flirts with everyone?

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This really cute guy is such a flirt it's like he never stops flirting.And so it's hard to know who he really likes. How do flirty guys act when they like a girl.Do they keep ...show more
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If you think he's going to be your boyfriend, you will never be able to trust him or be secure with him. His flirting ways will NEVER change. He's insecure. That's why he flirts. The attention he gets from flirting helps him to feel better about himself. My advice - if you're looking for boyfriend material, find a guy who is less obnoxious and more secure. You will feel soooo much more secure and therefore happier with him.
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  • The Chosen One answered 6 years ago
    since he flirts with everyone BUT you, then he likes u.
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  • Lisa T answered 6 years ago
    It probably means he likes you if he serious around you because he's trying to impress you. He probably flirts with other girls because its fun and its not a big deal. I love flirting with people!
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  • Need a lil help answered 6 years ago
    If a guy really liked a girl he wouldn't be flirting with many of them.

    Are you sure he's just not playing around and you're taking it as him flirting???
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  • I‚ô•Brownie answered 6 years ago
    OMG i wondering this too
    cause the guy i like flirts with every girl he knows
    except me

    please answer mine
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  • Love_is_all_you_need answered 6 years ago
    its hard with a guy like that you just have to ask "do you like me?" directly.

    asnwer mine?
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