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are there any companys that make bras for uneven breasts?

my boobs are different sizes one an A and ones a B, are there any bras that are made for people like me? bras that i wouldnt have to use padding, like bras that have different cup sizes on each cup

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    There are no company's that sell bras with one cup bigger than the other. There are company's that sell bras with special pockets on the inside of the cup so that you can insert padding. If you use these kind of bras nobody will even be able to tell that you are uneven. If you are ever interested in something like this then follow this link. They cater to women that has had mastectomies(one or two breast removed because of breast cancer) but any one can wear the bras. They have many colors and styles.

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    Bras For Uneven Breasts

  • 4 years ago

    Bra For Uneven Breasts

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    same here...if just learned to go between so ones a bit loose and the others a big snug...

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