What are ways to make your white blood cell count come up?

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My bestfriends mom is in stage 4 of cancer. She is on her last treatment now but can not get it because her white blood cell count is to low. Does anyone know anything she can do to ...show more
Update : Herbal ways would be great as well!
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You have a challenge.

First, what would anyone know more than her doctors.

However, you asked for scientific proof. That will help. Unfortunately there is not enough time to pull all the evidence based medicine available.
So, here is the answer and you will have to go and find, convince or otherwise try to persuade.

There is a correlation between low GSH (glutathione) and numerous blood problems.

There is a company that makes a product that is actually patented for giving to patients on chemo. It prevents the loss of hair, blood counts and even shortens the length of treatment for both chemo and radiation.

It is listed in the Physicains Desk Reference.

However, it is not paid for by many states. In PA, it is only paid for with tube feeding patients and pediatric patients.

Hope this helps.

PS. Contact the webmaster of the below site to get more info as there is no direct link to any of the manufacturers. Then contact them and you can probably get the clinical trial literature.

The pub med article below is a round about way of showing that it works. It was the least geekey article I could find on short notice. The bettter ones are older and will require a bit of digging.

Incidentally there was a 82 year old woman diagnosed and sent home with stage 4 lung cancer. She was treated with this in McGill. She died.
It was 12 years later and she was 92. Back then, it cost $10,000 Canadian dollars a month. Now it is closer to about 16 dollars a day for 6 months and then only about 2-3 dollars a day.

Good health to you and yours.


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  • MN answered 6 years ago
    Stage 4 is the worst if I can remember. My wife had old age leukemia and was treated with steroids by her leukemia doctor to bring up her count. I do not remember the drug, but she would go in for a check and a shot every month or two.

    My wife eventually passed away from lung cancer which matastisized to her brain, not sure if the cancer and leukemia were related, but she had a brother that went in much the same way.

    If you are inclined, you may want to read some of the papers published by Dr Kathleen Sazama, now with M D Anderson, Houston, or have her oncologist at least look to see if she has written anything useful. Kathleen has published over 200 papers on cancer of the blood, but maybe it applies to younger folks.

    M D Anderson is one of the foremost cancer hospitals in the world, but it seems like your friend may be too far gone. Don't count on any magic potion or cure from Mexico or the internet, some make outrageous claims, but few are successful

    May the Lord bless your friends mom and relieve her pain. Often prayer is the only solution.


    Her oncologist can reach Kathleen at the M D Anderson web site by email
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  • ATV4x4mom(whatlogincaniuse) answered 6 years ago
    CSF's can. (colony stimulating factors is medicine that doctors give to some patients to help raise the counts faster.)

    i hope she is eating very healthy food.
    i hope she is just eating.
    my dad had lung cancer and he had to force himself to eat.
    god bless and prayers to you...

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  • Ami answered 6 years ago
    Hmm... If she's not producing enough White Blood cells then she could get a bone marrow transplant. Or continuous blood transplants until the treatment is finished. There may be certain drugs that can speed up production but those may be out of the question because of her treatment.


    Medical Books
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