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whats a site where kids can chat?

what site can kids chat on??

it has to be free!!!

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    Kids can chat on a lot of sites. Some require typing and pressing enter, others are face to face over the computer.

    If it's typing and pressing enter, try;

    1> Club Penguin - I have an account and you can play games too!

    2> Runescape - I would prefer C.P. more than Runescape

    3> Poptropica - You choose what you want to say by clicking

    They are all free, but if you want to be a member, you'll have to pay monthly participation fee. Or play (with an account for free) for free!

    Personally, I'll prefer Club Penguin. Playing games and meeting up with friends - a double good!! Club Penguin is for a wide range of ages; from as little as 3 to as big as anything you want! You can choose from 'ultimate safe chat' (where you click on tabs for what you want to say) or 'free chat' (type in what you want to say). There're 109 severs, so a lot of players can play at the same time. Even I still play on it! Runescape is for older kids, from 12+ (but it's not as safe). You walk around like you do in Club Penguin, but you battle and live. Poptropica is 'ultimate safe chat' but it limits the people on each server.

    Try the 'Yahoo!7 messenger', 'MSN' -- if you have Yahoo! and ninemsn. If you have a 'Mac,' you can chat with other people with an Apple Mac, or if you have a PC (Microsoft) you can chat to people via 'Skype.' Both of these can be communicated by typing and pressing enter or seen by face to face is you have an 'eye camera' attached to your computer.

    Club Penguin:

    OR - search Club Penguin


    OR - search Runescape


    OR - Poptropica

    Have Fun :)

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    I dont think kids should chat!

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