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What is the least I could pack to go camping?

To go camping with a really light pack seems kind of hard or dangerous in the case that a crucial item is forgot. I think this may just seem true and that camping doesn't require a lot to get by and so I wanna know what exactly I NEED to bring to go camping for a 2-7 days in the Eastern U.S., not including the south because of swamps.

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    Here's what you NEED:

    Map, compass, headlamp or flashlight, sunglasses, first aid kit, knife, matches, fire starter, water treatment (purification tablets are light)

    Tent or tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (cold ground sucks body heat)

    Warm clothing such as a fleece sweater, hat, gloves, 1 extra pair socks, 1 extra pair underwear

    Rain protection: an umbrella or rain jacket, also a rain cover for your pack

    Food (you can leave the stove/fuel at home if you don't mind cold food): energy bars, chips, tortillas, peanut butter, bagels, trail mix, granola, powdered milk, water

    Misc.: sunblock, insect repellent, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissues, dental floss, water bottle (a 2-liter soda bottle is very light)

    I think that's a basic list. You may want to add other things like a camera, gps device, journal, or mp3 player.

    Good luck!

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    I Live in australia but if your looking for a lightweight backpack to take camping for 2-7 nights i suggest you pack things things that are important first, such as; toiletries and cell phone, you will DEFINITELY need to bring some first aid as it is quite helpful if your hiking/camping.

    I Hope This Helps:

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