Muslims,Christians, Jews: How does Satanists tempt believers to do evil?

Does he make you have bad thoughts to deceive you? Like make you "think" that you don't believe when you know you do.

Sorry, I do not need answers from atheists and people who are going to be all rude about it...I know whats going to be said...

Pls state if you muslim, christian or Jewish


I meant satan

Update 2:

Muslims believe in Satan and Hell and heaven after judgement day and the coming of Jesus to restore order and kill the anti christ although he isn't seen as the son of God.

Jews also believe in Satan...not sure how the concept is really incorparated answerer has provided some info

Update 3:

And they all Abrahimic religions, similar stories and Muslims believe in the "untampered" bible...same as the torah. Like Christians do not discount the relevance of the torah, the book of the jews

Update 4:

Not a christian concept, abrahimic religion concept(all three religions)

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    The Qur'an ( god's own words, revealed to his messenger, Muhammad, through the angel Gabriel), has stated; the ways by which the devil is working against man, for example; he offers them false promises, as he did before with Adam and Eve, he told them in a very persuasive manner that god hadn't prevented them from even get near a specific tree; except for they will turn into angels or be immortals, so Eblees (satan), is trying to make things look good and beneficial in the eyes of man, never get tired nor desperate he uses the step by step tactics to drag believer to sins

    The devil may also delude man, make us see bad as good; and the opposite, such as :

    submission to god = slavery

    Wearing modest outfits = regressive

    Adultery = personal right

    Being kind to parents and senior ppl =weakness or too emotional.

    Humiliating women, by transforming them to a sex figure, or sexy models = progressive and women right.

    Source(s): I am a Muslim
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    response: Jews don't believe Satan is a tempter or bogeyman. He's viewed as an oppressor in the story of Job, doing what G-d allows only. The snake in the creation myth isn't named and most Jews don't believe that's "Satan".

    Source(s): guy learning about Judaism
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    He doesn't. HaShaytan is an angel and as such, can only do G-d's bidding. His job is to test us, maybe, if you want to think that way.

    But his main job is to be our prosecutor after we die. We (Jews) don't have the same idea of the afterlife as you do and don't hold the same us vs. them mentality as you, so please don't try to stick us in that group. It's insulting. The world is not "believers" vs. "unbelievers."

    All that matters is that you live your life the best way you can.

    I'm Jewish.


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  • VW
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    1 decade ago

    Satan usually comes into the picture when we are down, depressed, sad. It is then that he tells us that our Christian life is of no help and makes us unhappy. He isn't looking for the solid Christian, but those who have a trial or a weakness. He will convince us that we are getting nothing out of it and that that next drink will make us so much better. Recognizing that and praying to God will help us to defeat Satan.

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  • If you want to understand the Jewish views of these things, you'd do well to step back and take it a lot less literally.

    We all have inclinations to act for good or for harm, it's part of being human. Sa-tan is a 'personification' (actually 'angelization') of that choice, and the desire to act for our own gratification, regardless of the costs.

    Source(s): Judaism and Christianity have radically different concepts of Satan. Pretending otherwise doesn't change that.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Satan whispers evil counsel into your ear. You've probably heard him.

    Raised Christian, but don't know anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He uses things that we have in our lives or maybe some kind of weakness to try and deceive us. He'll use anything he can to try to win. But if you keep God in sight, then he won't win in the long run.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Religion is fake.

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