tb testing procedure?

how is tb test done, what the results look like and how to cure positive test

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    The TB test, also known as the PPD (purified protein derivative) is based on the premise that following and infection/exposure to M. tuberculosis, the person will develop a delayed hypersensitivity to the organism.

    They take a culture extract of M tuberculosis (PPD) and inject under the skin. After 48-72 hours, someone exposed to TB will display a delayed hypersensitivity to the PPD. This reaction is characterized by redbess and induration (a firmness due to immune cells).

    The diameter is measured and then interpreted whether someone is exposed. Different criteria exist for different populations (HIV+ vs HIV-)

    How to cure a positive test? A positive test does not necessarily mean you have the disease. Further tests will need to be done like a chest X-Ray.

    You may need to be put on prophalactic antibiotics.

    Your physician will give you more details.

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    Tb Test Procedure

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    The TB test is designed to help diagnose those who may have been exposed to TB. The test is simple you get an injecting with a small amount of a protein from the bacterium under the skin on the fore arm. There are No live bacteria in this injection.And No disease spread by doing this.You must return with in 48-72 hours after this test is done to have looked at by a nurse or by person who gave this to you. If your body recognizes the protein(meaning infection with the TB bacterium has occurred) this will respond with a bump to appear around injection site may get real red as well.Then the nurse will measure the size the color and any other signs of site.A small bump is normal but a large is not the best news the larger can signifies infection but not necessarily illness. There is also a TB blood test.Also can have an X ray.

    TB treatments are for quite some time any where from 6 months to a year. This takes so long since there are so many bacteria that all needs to be destroyed,This also involves several antibiotics this is to kill All TB this does become resistant to one so several are used to get all of this gone.Such as Isoniazid, Rifampin, Ethambutol and Pyrazinamide.

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    Easy, a very small needle is inserted right under the skin of the inside of your arm and a small amount of TB virus is injected. Three days later they look to see if there is any redness or swelling. A finger prick is worse than TB testing!

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