Why does the BCS favor the SEC?

They are the strongest conference, but they are also the most overated.


They are the strongest becouse it is the only conferance where it is safe to say impossible to go undefeated, and over-rated becousethere one loss teams get better rankings then better undefeated teams!

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    How can you say that the SEC is overrated? It's the only conference to have 4 titles in the BCS-Era. Tennessee and Florida with one each, and LSU with 2. Overrated? Check the standings for the conferences with wins vs losses. The SEC post the most wins in BCS bowl games vs losses with 11-4, and they have the highest winning percentage of conferences with more than 1 appearance (utah won it's only appearance for the Mountain West). Is that over-rated? That's fact. The Big 10 has more appearances than the SEC but post a record of 8-9.. 9 losses.. not 4...

    How this makes the SEC look over rated? Not sure. Yes we do account loses. Michigan beat Florida last year in a bowl game. And yeah UCLA beat Tennessee, who is normally a relatively good SEC team, but they are win-poor this year.

    The BCS hasn't favoured the SEC like someone priorly stated, Auburn who went undefeated was left out of a chip game in place of USC and Oklahoma.

    Should it be the SEC's fault that they are haboring some of the best teams in the nation? I think not.

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    It has little to do with games played within the SEC. It's about games played out of conference, specifically the BCS Bowl games.

    To explain, In the last 2 years, the SEC champ, and the runner-up in the SEC, have dominated in BCS Bowl games.

    When the even the runner-up to the SEC title, takes elite out-of-conference teams behind the woodshed, it's hard not to notice.


    NC game #2 LSU vs (38) vs #1 OSU (24)

    Sugar Bowl #5 Georiga (41) vs #10 Hawaii (10)


    NC game #2 Florida (41) vs #1 OSU (14)

    Sugar Bowl #4 LSU (38) vs #11 Notre Dame (14)

    I don't agree with the the idea, that any undefeated team deserves to be ranked higher then a SEC team with 1 loss. Because it's who you have beat, and lost to, that qualifies the record. I think the 2008 Sugar Bowl was evident of this with what Georgia did to Hawaii.

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    actually no one really knows who the BCS favors

    look at 2004 an undefeated Auburn team is held out of the National Championship

    its seems like the BCS changes its mind every year

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    uuuuhhhhh...yeaaaaaaaa....I'm just not sure about that right now. How many games does Michigan win with Georgia's schedule ???? How many games does Ohio St. win with Tennessee's schedule ???? yea, Its a slobber knocker of a conference and frankly, its great for the Big 10 and the Pac 10. You cheese balls can ride your cake walk schedules all the way to the NC and get smoked by a 2 loss SEC team again.

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    The so-called BCS is nothing more nor less than a public relations/advertising machine, designed to trump up fake "computer analysis" for the express purpose of manipulating advertising markets. And that is ALL it's for! It isn't just opinions, much of it is

    distorted, opinionated propaganda, and it's about keeping people buying stuff via advertising, etc., etc., and that's why the top 25 includes teams from all over, and the entire top five or so are hugely inflated via hyperbole, and sometimes, outright lies. It has nothing to do with quality, or even with real perceptions of quality. So the SEC is the area where more ad emphasis is required right now. That might change, might not. But Georgia was never even CLOSE to being the best big time team in the U.S.

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    I dunno...maybe it's because they've won every BCSC game (4) they've played in.

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    how are they the strongest and most overrated?

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