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Who is your favorite Pilgrim of the Mayflower?

From what you know of the figures who came to Plymouth Plantation on the Mayflower, who is your favorite?


Bandiuc, sorry -- I really just meant to ask who, based on WHAT YOU KNOW of the people who came on the Mayflower, is your favorite. But I understand what you're saying. I always like reading fiction about the Pilgrims so that I can imagine what their personalities might have been like; the different interpretations are interesting to read ....

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    I am going to choose John Alden

    John Alden joined the Mayflower in England. At the time, he was about 21 years old. William Bradford writes that he "was hired for a cooper, at South-Hampton, where the ship victuled; and being a hopefull yong man, was much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed, and maryed here."

    John Alden was a cooper, or barrel-maker, by trade.

    John Alden married Priscilla Mullins, also of the Mayflower. The date of their marriage is not known. They were probably married by 1623 since Priscilla is not listed separately in the 1623 Division of Land. By the 1627 Division of Cattle, they were married and had two children, Elizabeth and John.

    The legend of the rivalry between Miles Standish and John Alden for the hand of Priscilla Mullins was first published in Rev. Timothy Alden's 1814 Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions. The story was popularized in the poem, The Courtship of Miles Standish, published by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1858.

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    Katherine White Legatt Carver

    Katherine White was the daughter of Alexander White of Sturton-le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire, England. She was born probably in the 1570s. In 1599, Alexander White mentions his daughter Legatt in his will, and mentions their daughter Mary who is stated to have been under the age of 10. Nothing more is known of Mr. Legatt, or of their daughter Mary. In 1604, Katherine's sister Bridget married the Pilgrims' soon-to-be pastor, John Robinson; and in 1605 sister Frances married to Francis Jessop. The White, Jessop, and Robinson families were among those who moved to Leiden, Holland; there in 1611 sister Jane married another Leiden church member, Randall Thickens. At some point (whether before or after the move to Holland is unknown), Katherine's husband died and she remarried, perhaps around 1616, to John Carver. They buried a child in November 1617 in Leiden.

    Both Katherine and John Carver came on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1620. John became governor for a time, until his death in April 1621 of an apparent sun stroke while working in the fields. His wife Katherine died a few weeks later of what William Bradford described as a broken heart.

    She loved him SO much she died of a broken heart. That is so incredible.

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    How can anybody answer this? No one was around to have a FAVORITE. How about, who is the Pilgrim you are most familiar with or which PIlgrim would you most like to meet? Favorite implies that you've met them all and you prefer one over the other based on personality or talent.

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    William Bradford who was a guiding force and later the governor of the pilgrim colony.

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    The ones we never hear about. Those who lived their lives, worked hard, and we contributing members of society are my favorite.

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    Whoever erected the May-pole.

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