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What is better for xbox? lego indiana jones or lego star wars?

i loved lego star wars for playstation 2 but we just got an xbox and im not sure if lego star wars for xbox is different. and even if it is different, if lego indiana jones is better? opinions and reasons would be great.

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    Indiana Jones is far better i would say, far more up to date, and alot funnier :D, I have both, i play indiana loads more, and the story lasted me longer :)

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    if u already played lego star wars id get lego indiana jones its fun but only for 360 if u have 1

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    LEgo Star wars is fun me And brothers love it we liked lego indiana jones to but you cant beat star wars i have it for ps2 and xbox and xbox is the same basiclly i deffnitly recomend lego star wars =)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    both are the very best. But get the complete saga for Star Wars. And get Lego Batman if you like the lego series.

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  • Sarah
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    4 years ago

    Depends on which your more of a fan of i prefer Star wars

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