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What do these words mean? I think it's in Ancient Egyptian or something.?

Abata Ankh t Khet.

Neba t Steb Tcha.


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    It is in Ancient Egyptian. I don't understand all of it, but there are words I recognise:

    abata = slave, servant

    ankh = life/living

    khet = appearance; to appear

    Neba = ancient Egyptian god

    tcha = (this could be a stick, but I'm not 100% sure)

    asfetiu = criminals, sinners

    So maybe a rough translation would go something like this:

    "The living servant appears/makes his appearance,

    Neba ties (not sure about steb, but I'm certain it implies binding or tying) him/them [to the] stick,

    [The] criminals."

    Interestingly enough, one of the forms of capital punishment in Ancient Egypt was often to either impale or bind prisoners to a stake in the ground and then leave them to their fate, where often they'd die of blood loss, dehydration or sun exposure.

    Hope this helps. I'm have an avid interest in Egyptian history and hieroglyphs.

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    "Abata ankh t khet"

    (As a slave, you will live and appear)

    "Neba t steb tcha"

    (Before Neba, belted to the slave stick)



    In general, the phrase is saying someone will serve the God Neba as a slave for the rest of their lives, for their crimes.

    A slave stick is a forked rod with a strap attached to one of the forks and a buckle of some sort, attached to the other fork. They would place this fork around your neck, from the back in most cases, and tie the strap around your throat so they could choke you if they wanted. The stick was a way to physically guide you to move in the direction that your captor desired. Your failure to cooperate at any time, allowed them to pin you to the ground with commanding force, after they whipped you behind your knees to get you to fall, that is.

    Slave sticks were used into the middle ages. These versions were made from metal, (Iron I believe) and were they were modified as a spiked ring (spikes pointing towards your throat and neck) with a hinge and lock, as opposed to the fork and strap used by Ancient Egyptians.

    Hope this helps.

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    What Does Khet Mean

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    it's not arabic at all

    Source(s): i'm native speaker of arabic
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    it's malay

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    idk!! but i wish i knew!! sorry!! but maybe u can look them up on the internet!!

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