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Is there any law that might help keep my home from going to sheriff's sale in two weeks since my foreclosure is to some mental impairments caused by some tragic losses that have hit me with the last one being the loss of my adult son. I have been under intense psychiatric care for over five years and finally I just fell apart. Since I have an FHA loan I was wondering if I might be covered under section 504- the disabilities act. Any help would be greatly appreciated since we're close to crunch time and I'll literally be homeless. By the way, the mortgagee, Citi group, has not been of any help. thanks in advance.

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    I'm not an attorney, but I grew up in a family owned real estate and mortgage company so I can offer some advice. Do you have doctor's statements of your medical care? Ask your doctor to write you a letter of your condition. Be sure to sign it and go to a local bank and get it notarized. You won't be covered under the disabilities act unless the state you live in has you registered as such and you receive disability payments. Call your local social security office and ask them for the paperwork to get you started on disability qualification. But get that letter from your doctor!! Do those two things first and do them quickly. Then contact your local courthouse and ask them how you go about getting a probono lawyer. If you have to go to court and you will if involves a foreclosure, because they will have to make you leave legally, take the doctor's notes, and any information you have on your disability status and what you found out about an attorney. Ask the court for an extension based on your situation. Get a fresh notebook, and keep a daily journal of ALL of your activities involving who you talked to, get their name......on everyone you speak to. Be sure to date the entry and time of the call. Keep track of everything you do, and follow through with your comments. Start your journal with your situation.....and be brief, but direct and to the point.

    That's the best advice I can give you, based upon my knowledge of FHA loans, and foreclosures. Two questions for you. Have you been given your official 30 day notice of foreclosure and what does the paper say? Second, how many payments are you behind and what state do you live in? I might be able to help. I know a lot of people in different states, and a lot of them with connections. I have several friends that are attorneys. One is a court appointed public defender. You can e-mail me or send me a instant message. Good Luck and Best Wishes......

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    I can't help you, but I suggest that you contact a real lawyer and ask them - lawyers don't generally frequent YA.

    Also, contact your newspaper and have them run a story - sometimes a good Samaritan will come out of the woodwork or the public pressure will force the bank to change their minds.

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