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HELP ME!!! I HAVE A MAJOR concept of guys using girls for sex QUESTION!!!?

i know some guys uses girls for sex

but why?

i'm asking this because THEN I HEAR guys often have sex to feel wanted

and they want to be able to PROVIDE pleasure for the girl

so they don't care if they provide pleasure or not if they're just using the girl??

i don't understand

then again how can they be using the girl for sex if they want to provide pleasure for the girl.

can someone explain to me?

and would guys just have sex with any average girl? and give up on the girl if they don't give it to them?

what can i do to keep them around til they're in a committed relationship with me?

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    Men and women may desire sex but only men need sex. This is one of the crucial differences between men and women.

    In every man's body there are two small organs called "seminal vesicles". Inside there is a coiled tube. Their function is to produce seminal fluid, which is produced continually. Since they never cease their production, the seminal vesicles keep filling up after each ejaculation, and as they fill they swell. The swelling is accompanied by elongation, just as a coiled garden hose tends to stretch out when filled with water. The seminal vesicles cannot release any of the seminal fluid other than by ejaculation.

    Closely surrounding the seminal vesicles is a network of pressure sensitive nerves called the "vesicle plexus". This vesicle plexus is connected through the spinal cord to a mid-brain region known as the "hypothalamus". In the hypothalamus of men there is a uniquely male structure of specialised "neural circuits" that appear to be specifically designed to trigger sexual arousal in response from impulses received from the vesicle plexus. As each seminal vesicle swells it presses against and starts to put pressure on the nerves of the vesicle plexus that sends a message to the hypothalamus.

    When the hypothalamus is energised to a sufficient level by nerve impulses from the vesicle plexus, to effect an ejaculation of seminal fluid, it causes testosterone to be released into the bloodstream. This triggers the man's conscious awareness of being in a state of sexual need.

    At low levels of pressure in his seminal vesicles, activation of the man's hypothalamus barely triggers enough sexual arousal to intrude upon his consciousness - it stays in the back of his mind, so to speak, but, after minutes or hours have elapsed since his previous ejaculation, the pressure in the man's refilled seminal vesicles again reaches such a level that the release of testosterone into his bloodstream is accelerated.

    At a certain point, the accelerating rate of release of the male hormone into a man's bloodstream affects his conscious mind. Because of his possession of the uniquely male seminal vesicles, the uniquely male structure of the hypothalamus and the uniquely male hormone testosterone, the male alone is subject throughout adult life to a compellingly distractive and recurrent sexual cycle of involuntary arousal, bodily excitation and partial ejaculation followed by temporary quiescence.

    Only evacuation of the seminal vesicles by ejaculation will acquiesces a man's sexual desire and within seconds after the ejaculation a man has no sexual desire at all. A man with distended seminal vesicles does not experience a conscious need to ejaculate .

    A man is not compelled to rape in this situation, but is placed in a situation where he is constantly thinking of ways to acheive sexual release. Almost all men can channel this need for sexual release into an appropriate form of behaviour. A man in a loving and monogamous relationship will naturally and unconsciously seek to initiate sexual intercourse with his partner. This is called marriage not rape.

    A man's recurrent involuntary urge for sexual activity can hit him at any moment - regardless of his ongoing activity, his situation or the availability of female company. Men do not willingly consider masturbation to be an acceptable alternative to sexual intercourse.

    Men are attracted by the mere sight of the female form itself. This is due to thousands of years of evolution. The urge to ensure the survival of the species is not conducive with the emotional demands of the modern relationship.

    On the other hand, whilst women might admire a man's body, there is no physiological mechanism of sexual release to be triggered in women by what women see. A woman's sexual desire is generated consciously by herself in her own mind and, unlike men, women can go through their whole life without ever having the need for a sexual thought. Women find it difficult or impossible to understand the predictable, insistent, often unromantic, subservient and indiscriminate aspects of men's sex driven advances and therefore usually express anger or contempt for them.

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    Yes some guys do just want sex and will say and do about anything to get it. They do as a rule want to pleasure the girl in bed. I mean no guy wants to believe he could not pleasure a woman he is having sex with even if it's just a one night stand. If a guy really likes a girl then he will waite until she is ready to have sex. Until then she needs to show him she loves/likes him by talking to him, spending time with him, taking an interest in some of the things he likes. Kissing him, giving him a back rub and little thing like that do a lot. If he really likes her he will stay with her. He will try from time to time to have sex but if she is not ready she just needs to tell him that. That way he knows it's not him but her, that she is just not ready but that she does like him. You have to show the guy you see him for more than a friend and that you do not rush into a relationship. That you want to take time to get to know each other and fall in love before going all the way. Oh and yes guy will have sex with an average girl and some guys will just say forget it if the girl does not have sex with him and move on. Those kind of guys you don't want around anyway so better to let them go.

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    You are asking questions that have been asked through the history of mankind.

    Yes, the male wants sex. That is what male and female relationships are all about. There is no other purpose. It is the responsibility of the female to chose wisely as far as which male she will be with and risk reproduction with.

    Part of dating for youth is for the female to practice the skills or resisting the strong pressure, and skillful manipulation that the males bring to bear in order to mate with the female. Some learn. Some don't and wind up pregnant or with STD's

    An intelligent male will not only seek his own pleasure, but he will learn how to please his partner also. In this way, she is more likely to allow him the access he wants. It should be a fair trade.

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  • H
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    My advice would be for you to not have sex until you are older, have more experience, know what to do about preventing pregnancy/disease, what to do if the condom breaks, how to take the pill properly, etc. Since you've asked this question, it's clear you aren't ready for sex. Wait till later when you are already in a committed relationship or you can wait til marriage.

    Sex is truly over-rated.

    As for the other questions about if guys use girls for sex....yes it happens. The ones I know was just a way for the guy to get off and he didn't care about the girl/girls. Some guys will say anything to get a girl to have sex with him. Sometimes it's a status thing or a game with guys. But...there are some girls who use guys for sex. So, it goes both ways.

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    Most guys that use woman for sex dont take the time to get her off ( its all about them ) Dont stick around for awhile. I know from exerience except I always got them off. I had alot of friends who could careless about taking care of her needs. If I just wanted sex I wouldnt just stick around for nothing. They knew I wasnt looking to be committed. If I really liked a woman I would wait until she was ready. I wasnt in it for sex. When I was single If she was hot yea I would sleep around. I never lied or made her think I ws in love with her to get sex. I never had sex to feel wanted I liked to get off

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sweety i think that you should calm down and not to be so worried about the issue that you are having.

    the first thing that you need to do is not to just have sex with any guy that comes along.

    just get to know him and after a few months ( i know that sounds long but its worth it) you will know if he is just there to have sex with you or that he really has feelings for u....

    trust me...

    i've been in a great relationship for a year with a wonderful guy and thats how i got to know what was his real intentions :)

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  • Eddie
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    think about it in a different way for a second.

    ignore all ethics, morals and laws.

    the more girls the guy sleeps with the more offspring he potentially can have. and isnt offspring the whole point of sex? men are for quantity while women (in a perfect world) are for quality (can only have fewer kids so they need to be more fit to survive).

    its simple evolution.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd sleep with an average looking girl, if she's nice, and I'd also likely want to pleasure her first, and not use her for sex either :)

    25/m Nice/Gentleman in Sydney, Australia

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  • 1 decade ago

    All guys have hormones. Its either sex or jacking off.

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