I got a call from a company called MCR Concepts, Inc. for an interview has anyone out there ever heard of them?

The job is for an entry level account management and I have been to their website but the only thing I can tell is that they are a marketing service company. I would like to know more about them before I went in on monday for an interview.I've never heard of them and I was wondering if they are good to work for. their website is www.MCRconcepts.com.

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    Well, here's what I gained by visiting the web site.

    1. They do a lot of double talk throughout their presentation and never actually say how their "marketing system" works. That means it's probably not something people would be interested in if they used straight talk. Like "Environmental Engineer" sounds more enticing than "garbage man".

    2. The more I read, the more I felt like they will hire any and everybody who will get out and pound the pavement making cold calls trying to sell other people's products. If you don't sell, you don't get paid. This used to be called the Traveling Salesman. Now they're referred to as "Direct Marketing Specialists".

    3. The old "We only promote from within" strongly smells of the old pyramid schemes where you get the job, then you hire others to work for you peddling this stuff. Then you get a commission off what they sell (you're promoted to the team leader, see).

    That's what I read into their web site. Otherwise, I think they would be straightforward and just tell you what it is that they do and what is required of you to be successful with the company.

    Let us know after the interview.

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