Loading music from itunes to phone?

I just got a blackberry pearl 8120 and I hooked it up to my computer. it installed and everything but then everything else went away. Ok so basically I have no idea what Im doing and need help trying to figure out how to load my music from itunes to my phone. PLEASE HELP!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is easy. First Check from your start menu on desktop look up your shared music for a folder called itunes! Some computers dont create a folder for that. If yours doesnt just wait for the next step. Next make sure your blackberry software is installed. Hook your phone up to your computer. open itunes in the background. Find the add music feature on your blackberry program. If you cant figure that out, look in MY COMPUTER Or COMPUTER and find your device manually without using your software.. When you see your phone connected, go back to itunes that you opened in the background, And highlight all the music you want and drag it to the blackberry device connected in my computer.. Done!

  • 4 years ago

    yea I even have that fone and had the comparable undertaking, you cant flow songs from itunes onto your fone via fact those songs purely flow onto apple gadgets. it sucks =/ yet you could burn all your itunes songs on a CD and then flow all the songs from the to the fone. i tremendously particular thatll artwork. try it.

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