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IFEL being bias at the debates? yesterday, this is all I heard from Republicans...So, are you willing to admit you were wrong?

Update: were wrong....Gwen was nothing but fair (waaayyy to fair)

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    1 decade ago
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    This should be interesting. They didn't whine when McCain agreed to her being the moderator, but once they were issued whining instructions ahead of the debate, all we read were the bleatings of sheep. Last night they were all gloating about how Palin 'won' but McCain has dropped another point in the polls. To use a football analogy, Palin kicked a short field goal with the result the score is now cut to Obama 42, McCain 3.

    Now it's over a compliment given to Biden? Despite the fact Palin stunk and lied repeatedly?

    The Desperation Brigades know it's over. We have a month of vicious attack ads on the way from McCain because he can't beat Obama on the issues. Run the Stalinists out of town or we have Bush forever.

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    It was all part of the tactic. They complained about her before the debate so Ifil took it easy on Palin. Palin said she wasn't going to answer one question because she wanted to talk about something else, and she didn't answer most of the other questions. Ifel didn't call her on it or ask a follow up so there was no Couric cricket moments like when asked to name one newspaper or magazine she reads.

    It was mission accomplished. Palin managed to make it through the debate because she didn't get her feet held to the fire when she didn't give a coherent answer.

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    You want Republicans to admit responsibility and being wrong?

    You've been watching the last 8 years in the White House, haven't you?

    Obama/Biden '08

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    Gwen Ifill let me down big time. I was happy when she was chosen because she's no-nonsense and i expected her to keep Palin on topic. I cant believe she actually didnt do anything when Sarah said she was NOT going to answer the question the way the moderator wanted her to.

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    no, she hid her bias well but if you paid close attention there were some indications: She cut Palin off abruptly 1x but never Biden. Biden was always allowed to run over his time but Palin was not. When Palin had Biden on the ropes during one question she ended the discussion and quickly moved to a different question.

    She has a book on Obama coming out on Innaguration Day. Of course she is biased. Did you hear her comments at the GOP convention? Let's call a spade a spade please.

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    They won't admit it. Neither will they mention Palin's burlesque queen act.

    Ifill did a fine job, in my opinion.

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    1 decade ago

    No, we were 100% right on!!

    Did you see the very end after the debate was over? The mics were still on and she said thank you to Sarah and explained that she couldn't get up because of her leg. She then leaned to Joe, shook his hand and said "you did so good".

    Fox News caught it and I bet you didn't see it on CNN>

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    1 decade ago

    You guys would have been raising hell if someone like Hannity was the moderator...

    But no, she did a fine job

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