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thinking of opening up a new Business, what sells good?

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    Lots of things sell good....figure out what YOU want to won't enjoy it or do very well at it if you just pick somehting out of a hat.

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    I agree with the others, what do you sell well? What are your interests? Once you determine that you will be able to sell what you select. Let me give you my personal example. I was a banker, and as we all know banks are no longer lending money. So, I became an Equipment Leasing Broker. Basically, I bring together people who want to lend money to those that want to get equipment. I do it on the internet and on the phone. I make more now than ever and I enjoy it. Do your research and you will be successful ! Good Luck !

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    Sell your ideas and marketing tools on line.

    These are safe and demanding provded it works.

    Anybody with superd ideas can sell on line.

    These products are not perishable and no dead-line stamp on it.

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    Sports Jerseys, handbags, sunglasses, perfume and makeup Good luck!

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