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D.J. asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

(Hall of Fame Bound) Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Jay Cutler, Reggie Bush, Matt Ryan, Darren McFadden?

WHo do YOU think will make the Hall at the end of their Career?

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    Adrian Peterson looks like it, but remeber Terell Davis he was a great back for 'a while' too.

    Calvin Johnson its up to his francise or his agents plus health. He has to find a stellar qb to matter.

    Jay Cutler at one point Daunte Culpepper was a beast, time, health & continuity.

    Reggie Bush is possibilities seem slimmer than Adrian Peterson

    Matt Ryan surprise so far, but see Jay Cutler for answer.

    Darren McFadden I'm a Raider fan but he has to stay healthy.

    Betting odds...

    Adrian Peterson Yes

    Calvin Johnson Yes

    Jay Cutler Yes

    Reggie Bush No

    Matt Ryan No

    Darren McFadden Yes

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    Adrian Peterson: Durability issues throughout college and pro career so far. Fantastic to watch but it will take a change of running style to prolong career long enough to have a shot.

    Calvin Johnson: So far, the bigger question is will Calvin Johnson stay on a team. Injury issues first year and hasn't really made an impact so far.

    Jay Cutler: If he stays healthy, highly probable. Very good with a good arm and in a good system.

    Reggie Bush: If running from sideline to sideline counted as yards, yes. Since it doesn't no.

    Matt Ryan: Too early but my guess is no. Very few QBs last long enough or put up the numbers to make HOF. Could probably count on less than one hand current QBs that will be there.

    McFadden: not as many durability issues but see Peterson above.

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    It's WAY too early to tell right now. As of right now though Adrian Peterson is probably the only one that has a chance but chances are he'll end up like Terrell Davis because he is so injury prone. As for Reggie Bush... NO he will be a bust if anything, he is probably the most overrated player in the NFL today. Jay Cutler will be OK but not HOF type player and everyone else it's still to early to tell how well they will do.

  • Adrian Peterson, Darren McFadden, and maybe Jay Cutler.

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  • Anonymous
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    Adrian Peterson

    Reggie Bush

    I believe they are in the right type of offenses to create a strong base for a HOF career. The others you mentioned are going to need help from their teams. Cutler has a chance if Brandon Marshal continues to stay out of trouble. McFadden needs to go to a better team and soon (the Raiders have to many issues) and he has a chance. While Ryan and Johnson are showing promise they are not showing the dominance they should be showing and remember Derrick Anderson looked good last year and this year he looks like he forgot the entire playbook.

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    Adrian Peterson and Darren McFadden for sure.

  • bob
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    Interesting you named all offensive players. I will say NOT McFadden or Bush. I cannot imagine a player who has to be limited by carries for durability issues to end their career in the Hall of Fame. The shelf life of these two guys that base their games on speed will be over in 7 years. Take Ryan...Is he going to be one of the best QBs? Is he Brady or Manning? Is even Carson Palmer going to make the Hall of Fame? I would say no.

    If anyone I would say Peterson if he continues doing this if many years. It is the freakin' Hall of Fame.

  • Northwastern said "Peterson has accomplished enough in his rookie season to be in the hall of fame."

    you could brake the single seaosn rushing record, most TD's and most yards in a single game and still not make... a player has to be good over a career and peterson isnt doing so hot this year...

    calvin wont unless he gets a good qb

    Culter is not a great quaterback yet... he wins games but thats about it

    Bush has no future

    Ryan has played 4 games so im not going to judge him

    Dmac cannot take a hit below the waist to save his life so im saying no but maybe if his team eventually wins some games then yes

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    Too early to tell, but Peterson and Cutler are already showing they have what it takes to perform at HoF level. Wait another 5 years to see if they're able to keep going.

    I don't think Bush will make it there. He has moments, but not on a consistent basis.

    Not on your list, but should be: Devin Hester

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