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NASCAR Nation: Menard to Yates Racing?

Okay as some of you know I am a huge Menard Fan and probably one of his only fans. I have to say I am Proud to be a fan of his.

But recently I found out he is not going to re-iterate racing at Dale Earnhardt Inc in the 2009 season and Beyond.

I was shocked, hoping he'd make his mind up and re-sign with DEI for 2009 and maybe a few more seasons. I grew up rooting for him since he was in DEI and now I will be rooting for a Ford and Chevy Driver (Truex Jr)

No Matter what I'm still a Die Hard Menard Fan and will stick behind him through thick and thin.

He's got the Sponsorship so that helps him. But I am worried about DEI and their Sponsorship status for Next Season. I hope DEI gets/ finds Sponsor.

I wish Paul all the Best with Yates and I have his Back no matter what.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on his departure from DEI, and Arrival at Yates Racing?

**No Rude Comments against Paul or DEI, Please**

Great Night, Have a Wonderful Weekend, Looking Forward to some Plate Racing Ya'll!!

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    Menards a hell of a driver. This may be the big break he's been needing

    I'm sure Doug/Robert and the gang are thrilled to have him along for the ride!

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    DEI is in a lot of trouble. Truex is the only driver with full time sponsorship next year. He also has a 1 yr contract.

    It will be a huge help for Yates. Paul brings a lot of daddys money with him.

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    I think it could be a good move for him. Yates Racing is starting to rebuild and their cars give a decent showing for no full time sponsors. I think Menard bringing in his family sponsor will help Yates out and a change of scenery could help Menard out as well. I too am a Paul Menard fan and wish him the best of luck next year with Yates Racing.

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    I hope you're doing okay following your surgery.

    I hope this will give DEI the opportunity to find a driver who may be capable of being a championship contender.

    Truex and Almirola are coming along nicely.

    I wish Paul Menard and Yates Racing all the best.

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    I see it as a good move. He is for sure going to get some horsepower now with Roush/Yates engines not that DEI had anything bad. I wish him all the luck in the world.

    Have a great weekend!

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    It's just a little melancholy/bittersweet, that's all. Did you see how great DEI did in qualifying. Truex on the pole! Almirola starts 5th. DEI is going to be strong next year, and any sponsor should see that and want to jump on the DEI train.

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    I think it will be a great move for him. Yates gets there engines from Roush and look how well they are doing. I think that Paul Menard will do ten times better with Yates racing!

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    I think its a good move for him and it will be good for yates too. I kinda wish truex would have signed on somewhere else but then DEI would be in much more trouble than it already is.......

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    I think it is a good move for Paul. Look what Travis and David have been able to do to do for Yates this year with little to no sponsorship. I think Paul will do fine.

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    It almost was. I predicted Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin to lead most of the race, but I really thought Jeff would have a chance at the end. Still, we saw a great race yesterday especially when Jimmie and Denny were fighting hard late in the race. That's what short track racing is all about!

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