What is the difference between mesentries and omentum?

I've been reading my textbooks and online but cannot seem to find a definite answer on the structural and functional differences between mesentries and omentum. Help!

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    The best answer to this would require some detail about the way that the abdominal organs form and develop during embryology. It's really very interesting, and if you want more of it, send me a message.

    However, the short answer is that mesentery is the support tissue that the intestine is rooted into, and the omentum is a fatty blanket that hangs down in front of all of the intestines.

    A good way to imagine the shape of the mesentery and the bowel is to look at a set of drapes hanging in front of a window. The drapes are a sheet of cloth that is folded back and forth. At the bottom, drapes usually have a hem, where the cloth is folded over onto itself and sewn. In a sense, the folded over part makes a hollow tube.

    In the same way, the gut is a hollow tube at the edge of a curtain of tissue. It is folded back and forth upon itself much like drapes. The arteries and veins that attach to the intestine come up to it in the drape material. This "drape" is called the mesentery. It's a sheet of fat and connective tissue with arteries inside. It's covered on both sides by glossy smooth, clear coverings called "peritoneum".

    The mesentery rises up from the back body wall where the arteries eminate from the aorta. Because the mesentery is floppy, the gut can move around as it squeezes and pushes food along. That's it's job.

    The omentum is like a blanket covering all the intestine. On opening the belly, it's the first thing seen. There is a segment of the colon which traverses from right to left across the upper abdomen, and the omentum hangs down off of this, laying across all the bowel below. The omentum has absolutely no other organs attached to it in the normal state.

    The omentum is referred to as the "policeman of the abdomen" because whenever something goes wrong, the omentum is there to pile up on it and seal it off. That's it's job. It stuffs up against whatever has inflammation or infection, and it scars down, sealing holes, bringing blood flow and immune function. It's really quite amazing that it does this so well, considering it's just a dumb flap of fat with some blood vessels in it!

    That's the short answer.

    Feel free to contact me if you need more.

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    What is the difference between mesentries and omentum?

    I've been reading my textbooks and online but cannot seem to find a definite answer on the structural and functional differences between mesentries and omentum. Help!

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    What Is Omentum

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    Wow. Thank you. this makes a lot more sense now. your answer really helped me clearly visualize the structure and the functions. Thanks again.

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