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Anyone have the definition of air pressure ? ?

Hey everyone, for my science class I need to make a "weather flip book" Each student makes their own and we have to find the definition, The instrument used to measure the occurrence and the unit of measurement, How each item effects the weather and how it is used to help forecast the weather, and the Typical readings of each occurrence for Long Island during the month of October for the following words---------> Air pressure, Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity, Wind, Climate/Weather. (Climate and weather are together) My science teacher told all of the students we could get as much help as we needed with the research, but we couldn't have help with the making of the flip-book. If anyone could help me with some of those questions, please do so!!!

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    Air pressure: The weight of the area over the surface of the Earth. This is measured by a barometer. Air pressure usually has units of millibars or hecto Pascals.

    Temperature: A measure of the amount of kinetic energy of gas particles. This is measured by a thermometer. Temperature usually has units degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.

    Humidity: The amount of moisture contained in a parcel of air. This is measured by a hygrometer. Humidity is usually given as a percentage.

    Wind: The motion of air in a given direction. Wind speed is measured by an anemometer whereas wind direction is determined by wind vanes or wind socks. Wind speed usually has units of miles per hour, kilometers per hour, or knots. Wind direction is always given as the direction the wind is coming from.

    There's some helpful information for you. The rest is up to you. Go to the following link for past weather information:

    Good luck.

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