Questions for Models?

I have a few questions about molding

1. how many types of model are there

2. how hard is it

3. if you are a model do you enjoy your job

4. if you are a model what age did you start modeling at.

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    1 decade ago
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    Okay, there are two main types of modeling: High Fashion and Editorial. High fashion is basically the whole Paris Milan runway type of thing in so many words. Here are the subcategories:

    Fashion modeling

    Commercial modeling

    Glamour Modeling

    Catelouge modeling

    And fitness modeling

    2. Modeling is hard. You have to work VERY hard. Its already hard getting into the Business, so you have to be willing to try hard. Once your there, keep yourself up. Watching America's Next Top Model may give you an idea, but not the real world of modeling.

    3. I enjoy my job, but its all about the Competition. So you have to watch your back

    4. Started as a teen

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  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    1 = ? dumb,unhappy, rich, Happy............. you need to find the right mix in the work and in your life to fit you as a person.

    2 = It is very hard and you need to have more than good looks to make it.

    3 = It is not a model, it is a person. As a person do you enjoy your job as a model

    4 = Baby models start from new born and others start at 70 depends on the work

    I dont want to sound bad but to make it you need to know more than you do at the moment about the job, you can find out a lot on the internet about the job but see all the work not just the shiny bit at the top end!!!!

    Be safe & good luck

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    Are we talking about trim, a window lattice, door framing or what?

    This is a photography forum... I don't think any models hang out here.

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