flute music + 21st century= titles please? ?

I am looking for flute music that was composed in the 21st Century. Do you have any good pieces that come to mind? thank you


At a level where I can work on about 9 other pieces of music at the same time to be performed in March/April

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ian Clarke - Zoom Tube, Great Train Race, Spiral Lament

    Gary Schocker - quite a few pieces.

    Robert Dick - several worls for bass flute, too

    GO to www.fluteworld.com. Browse the CDs of the best contemporary players. See what THEY are doing!

    Source(s): Professional flutist in NY
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  • 1 decade ago

    Try some works by Ian Clarke... all of his pieces are very challenging, employing the use of flutter tonguing, multiphonics and singing while playing, lip bending, and so forth.

    Some of his more famous pieces are "The Great Train Race" (for solo flute), "Orange Dawn" for piano and flute (requires open holes), and "Hypnosis" for piano and flute (no specialties required).

    Here's a link to his site that details some other pieces too:


    Have fun! :)

    Source(s): pro clarinet / bari sax player, 18yrs exp... friend in college played The Great Train Race and it has never left my head since!
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