Why is Bluestem always mentioned in ranch sales, when cattle won't eat it.?

Buffalo and natural herds eat Bluestem. I tried some and the stalk has a lemony taste. May I add it to salads? The grass-head has a soapy smell.

Anyone make use of this?

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    blue-stem grasses were originally used before grains became subsidized by the government as a cheaper way to feed cattle for shipping to stockyards.it was and still is used for dairy cattle to keep weight on them.blue-stem pastures are usually used from may 1 or when the grasses start their spring growth and goes to september depending on the condition of the pasture or weather patterns.the problem with blue-stem is it is a slow growing cold weather grass and needs time to recuperate before the next grazing season starts so pasture rotation is a must to preserve the grassland.there is a rule of thumb when pasturing on these grasses goes two to four acres for a mature cow to preserve stability in the area for a six month season.by rotating pasture between cattle,horses and goats you can keep a cleaner pasture that is better ecologically sound while keeping natural wildlife habitats.unless you are a cow,bison,yak or other ruminant the grass is not good for you to eat.

    sorry for the long winded education on grass pasture management but i live in the prairie so i have to balance the environment with production.

    Source(s): 4th generation cowboy/rancher
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    I wouldn't recommend eating it because humans lack the correct enzymes to break down grasses.

  • ND DVM
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    It is nontoxic. Humans cannot break down any cellulose directly, yet we need not eliminate plants from our diet!

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