Please help me pick which car is the lesser of two evils!!?

For reasons that are way too complex to get into now, I have to choose between the following two cars to get me through the next 5-6 months until I can afford a newer one. Opinions are greatly appreciated.

Car 1: 1996 Chrysler LHS, 115,000 miles on it. Newer tires, good battery, history of nickel-and-dime problems. Paint job faded out but no serious body damage or prior accidents. Previous owner was a little careless with letting oil changes go too far and ran out of gas once or twice.

Car 2: 1996 Cadillac DeVille, 204,000 miles on it. Some body damage near gas cap, small crack in windshield that won't expand, driver window won't roll up and radio speakers crackle. However, the engine is in fine shape, it's a Northstar V8. Tinted windows, advanced message system on dash. Some oil leakage is visible under where car is parked. New brake pads.

Cost difference is negligible, Chrysler is slightly more.


No, the Cadillac name doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I think the reason it is such a dilemma is that the engine has a really nice smooth sound to it, and it drives very nicely.

Update 2:

What about the oil leak on the Caddy? It's lost a little over a quart in the last 5 or 6 weeks. Will that get worse steadily or is it something I can live with for a few months if I don't mind putting oil in every month?

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    As a gearhead, I'd take the Cadillac because it has the Northstar V8 right off the bat. Under your circumstances, I suggest the same but for different reasons.

    It sounds like either of these cars will last for at least 6 months, so the mileage may not be that much of a deciding factor in your case. It sounds like minimal work is needed on the Caddy, whereas you actually seem to have evidence that the Chrysler wasn't maintained as well.

    I'm going to with the Caddilac on this one -- but then again, I may have some sort of subconsious bias. If it helps, I'm more of a Chrysler/AMC guy than GM, despite the fact I drive a Trans Am.

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    The LHS is a lot cheaper to fix, if anything breaks. Other than that, I'd say they're about equal. I have had several LHS's, and I generally get really good service out of them. I get about 19 mpg in town.

    The cadillac was obviously better made, but it's got twice the wear and tear.

  • J L
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    Not a big fan of either. If you have to do any repair work on the Caddy it will cost more because its a caddy. I would say go with the less miles car. My dealership has had a bad history with northstar engines. 2 came in and blew up in a few days. Have a mechanic check them both out and go with his recommendation.

    Source(s): Gm dealer for 10 years and counting.
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    as stated below the chrysler with less miles, will most likely be more reliable, but the biggest reason i would choose the chrysler is because Cadillac parts are very expensive, and repair on them is very expensive, and the v-8 will burn more gas, look online at some cost of ownership reports

    Source(s): your asking for opinion, i gave my with details to support thanks!
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    Hands down -- the LHS. These were a well made car. Yes, you will have annoying issues like windows not working, handles breaking, knobs falling off, headliner falling, wheel bearings, etc etc etc -- but the motor is rock solid. The Caddy, god bless it, is like the patient who was given 10 years to live but has lasted 12 -- you're on borrowed time. And the engine leak will not heal itself. Quite the opposite.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a close call, but even though the Chrysler is a POS, the Northstar is a nightmare to maintain even on a good day.

    One a scale from 1-100, the Chrylser wins 1.0-0.9.

    That close.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Chrysler has the lowest mileage and probably will have less incidence of repairs. However the Cadillac is built better and will probably be reliable also.

    Close call, but I would cancel the Cadillac because of the oil leaks.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Chrysler will give you a LOT more heartaches than the Cad, especially one that was neglected.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go with #1 as it has less miles. The caddy is ready to die any moment.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get the Chrysler LHS

    less miles is always more reliable

    especially when its by 95,000 miles

    thats a huge difference

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