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O.K. this is getting frustrating. I am trying to find a way to simply make a sign on my own computer with very huge letters. I actually have a program that can do that, but would like to know how I can do this with simple software like Word, or whatever. I think there MUST be some sort of site where you can go and find either a template or some large fonts, type your words in, and print it out on your computer without a lot of fuss. I would like to find this out . . . and this is why: There are so many people looking for lost pets. They post little teeny signs on telephone poles, and no one can read them. I would like to find a way to give them a link they can very easily follow so they can make effective signs on their own computers and actually have the chance of finding their pets, because people can read the signs. This would mean the letters would need to be about 4 or 5 inches tall. People just don't seem to know how to make things by hand, anymore. Any ideas, links, etc.? It needs to be really easy. I have Adobe Illustrator, but don't know how I could make a set of fonts that they could use by simply typing their desired letters in, and not going through a whole bunch of work.


Word can only make fonts to the size of 72 pt. and that is not large enough. I have Illustrator, but MOST people don't have that intensive program. I need to find something REALLY EASY that anyone can use and make really large letters typed in very easily.

Update 2:

I also realize that I personally could make a letter the size of my whole page, but that doesn't help those without Illustrator. Unless I can design a set of fonts they can use AND TYPE WITH.

Update 3:

I was actually working with Microsoft Works W.Processor, (Word got blown off the system). Works doesn't let you type the number it - not mine. I do know how to do this - didn't work.

Update 4:

Mabye there is somehhing wrong with my version of Word, but I highlight the type, type the size in the box, and nothing happens, even if I click on the type. It stays exactly the same when I type a size in. Doesn't change at all.

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    Whether you are using Word or Illustrator, just type what you want, select that type, and change the font size to be something very big like 100 pt or more. It's not finding a large font. You can take any font and make it big. There are rulers on the illustrator artboard you can use to see just how big your letters actually are. Go to "view" and "show rulers" if the rulers are not already visible on your artboard in Illustrator. This is not a difficult thing and it doesnt' take a lot of fuss.

    EDIT - I saw your additional comments and that you are using works. I don't have works here on my home computer, but on Monday I can go on my work computer and take a look and add another edit, unless you've gotten an answer by then.

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    Large Fonts

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    Word does NOT limit the font size to 72 points. That is only what the choices are when you click on the font size button and it displays a few choices.

    You can type in ANY size font in the font size window, including decimal fractions of font size.

    If you want larger sizes, just type in what you want. One inch is approximately 72 points. If you want four inch letters, enter, say, 300 points. Word, (as well as Illustrator or any other text handling aplication) will print out what you need.

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    where the font number is, type the number you want OVER that number. For instance, it looks like 72 is the largest on the list. Choose 72 and then type over that. It works!

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    larger font

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    you may be in safe mode. did you turn your computer off without logging off the safe way?

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    Type in what you want - - - ? Type it WHERE ?


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