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Jehovah's witnesses, did u know?

Dfd members like myself would love to talk to you when u do field service. We feel sorry that u walk on by and throw u pearls before swine. (my neighbors say the most disparaging things about you)

We are not automatically apostate, just because we dont believe the teachings anymore. Talk to us. (Dont leave us to the elders, I can assure you they avoid us like the plague too!)


sorry for confusion, some answerers. Dfd means eisfellowshipped or shunned or chucked out. Me for 30 yrs now.

Update 2:

dfd means disfellowshipped. (cold fingers)

Update 3:

Victor, you should not get so cross. YA is a debating forum. Also do not judge, I am not apostate.

Update 4:

Nanny ogg. the Jehovah's witnesses expel members who dont tow the line and then refuse to talk to them. However they will talk to anyone else, no matter how evil they may be. They judge ex members as apostate which scriptrually means people who have no hope. And this without even having met me! This means they denigrate the ransom sacrifice which is for all people and all sins except for those done contrary to conscience.

Update 5:

Victor g, the context in which I ask this question is that I used to be one of them. Their practice of shunning, whereby u loose every friend u ever had and not even yr family talk to u unless u go back causes ex members to waste their time trying to throw some proper light on there teachings. Annoying u wasnt my object, I hope u did think a little though. If the subject is of no relevance to u, why answer. Newsflash... the points dont mean a thing.

Update 6:

grandpa, sorry u cripple. I love the witnesses. My mom was one of first six in my town in 1950ish. One night of reconcilliation with my ex (who had done the dirty with an elder) meant no scriptural divorce for me or her. U know what I did then, dont u. I still loved her and wanted her to be able to make clean start, which she did.

Do I still sound apostate to u? I give u permission to judge me.

email me with yr comments if u dare.

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    general post:

    apostate: from the greek apo -stasis

    apo, like in apogee - away, far

    stasis, like a doctor asks, in a status report.

    is this poor poor persecuted fella an apostate?


    why? he claims he is not.

    does he attend the meetings of Jehovah's witnesses?

    tho he has not specifically STATED he does not, best guess from his comments is, nope.

    so, he 'stands far from' Jehovah.

    are there other apo-states? sure. any who fail/ refuse to attend the congregation, once they have 'accurate knowledge' of the issue.

    that issue, of course, is the battle between evil and good.

    between satan and Jehova.

    between doing 'yer own thang' and obedience.

    [to obey is better than a sacrifice, right folks?]

    well, if this fella wants to talk to witnesses, he can go to the kingdom hall. like one of the chick-lets says, tho, WE do not do trinity, so we are condemned. maybe that is the deciding issue.

    dont know. not my worry.

    can this fella 'fix it' and make it back to Jehovah? maybe. depends on his attitude. what did he do to get kicked out?

    again, dont know. he did not say, so, once more, that is not my worry or my business.

    must have been a doozie, tho!




    hey kids.

    grandpa has a really interesting question:

    when characters like blessed [.] and lioness post questions to witnesses, do they really want answers? i try to respond in my nice, cute way, but have been blocked by them from answering.

    are they afraid of answers? afraid of lil ol me? heck, i am crippled and am only now learning how to walk again. so i can go to your doors, heh heh heh.

    any out there want to answer as surrogates for this unholy trio?

    maybe they will see this and admit their error, but i aint holdin my breath.


    Source(s): known lotsa df'd folks. my ex i knew REEEEALLY well; well i THOUGHT i did! feel sad for them.
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    JWs are too busy judging exJWs to even CONSIDER speaking with them!

    The whole apostate thing is played out! The exJWs that I have met are the loveliest kindest and humble people I've ever met...just pre-judged by former friends and family! Just because one leaves the organization does NOT necessarily mean that they left GOD. This is a very popular misconception among JWs! I don't blame them though as they are only doing what has been ingrained in them by the WBTS....somnething you can clearly see once you leave them.

    As someone once told me...if you place your hand in front of your's blurry...but if you pull it away it becomes more clear. The same thing with the JWs....once you get away from their grasp you can see everything completely clear! The tactics, trigger words, etc.

    If the WBTS didn't instill such fear of 'apostates'...reaching Jws would be alot easier...they have a right to know everything and come up with their own opinion! The society only tells them what they want them to know! No one wants to lose their friends and family! In reality this is a hidden threat. They just don't see it that way.

    Source(s): Raised a I know!
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    look why post this?

    go away u annoying person!

    obviously an apostate writng garbage about jw-if your not part of it then why stick around!

    i belive that they dont try to convert you-mr 1970 catholic guy(idiot)

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    They are not allowed to talk to disfelloshiped members, and that is sad. Luckily you are out of this cult. The WT Society has taken wrongful ownership to Jesus'/God's teachings!

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    What in the world are you talking about...but I agree...JW go to his/her house. My no soliticing sign means you too!

    I don't come to your house to tell you to be Catholic.

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    Sorry, what is this question asking.....

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    Very, very true.

    I know exactly how you feel.

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