Should gambling be legal in Ohio?

It's issue 6 on the ballet. What do you think? Will it benefit our community by keeping Ohio's money in Ohio instead of sending it to our surrounding states? Taxes? What do you think?

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    There really is no good reason to keep the casinos out of Ohio. It's not like be stopping anyone from gambling. And didn't they just approve keno, the most house friendly casino game? That means you can play the lottery, bet the ponies, and play keno in bars, but blackjack is going to destroy the community? Give me a break.

    I have in-laws that live in the area that the casino will be built. And let me tell you, that area is dirt poor. The jobs and money it would bring into the community would be fantastic. All of my in-laws will probably be lined up to apply for jobs, and all of their friends and neighbors probably will too.

    I don't live in Ohio anymore, but my mother tells me that the biggest opponents of the casino seem to be the owners of Argosy. Gee, I wonder why?

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    Well Ohio already has the lottery. So it is hard to justify why the lottery, which has some of the worst odds of any gambling game, should be legal, but other forms of gambling should be illegal.

    Gambling is a great way of creating employment, and raising tax dollars. The great thing about gambling is it is a voluntary tax. Instead of going to every household in Ohio and asking for $500, they can just sit back and let people who wish to gamble. If that person wins big, their winnings will be taxed. Then the casino is taxed by the state for even more revenue.

    Finally, it's about freedom. If the market is there and adults clearly wish to be able to gamble locally without having to travel to another state, then there is little argument in not having it. It is not the role of the state to play nanny and tell adults they cannot gamble locally.

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    As an Ohioan resident and an avid gambler, I am definitely in support of Issue 6. It will definitely benefit our community. Right now we are sending all of our tax dollars out of state when Ohioans decide to go to a river boat. The anti-casino groups want you to think that we won't be taxing the casino. While the language does state it can be taxed UP TO 35% and doesn't set a rate, why in the world would the government not tax them? It's a super easy way to increase revenue without upsetting residents. Who cares if you are taxing the casinos? Logically, it only makes sense we will be slamming them with taxes.

    In addition, we will attract visitors from other states. We will have people who want to go to a smoke-free casino. We will have people who will want to go to a land based casino that offers more of a Las Vegas experience.

    Ohio has lost over 200,000 jobs in the past few years. The casino is going to guarantee 5,500 jobs. We simply should not be turning down good paying jobs for decent people.

    In conclusion, Issue 6 should be passed. It will benefit every county in the state of Ohio and will directly impact the community in a positive manner.

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