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My second grade class in Egypt is studying LEBANON for international day at school?

I thought it would be fun for my class to learn about life and culture in Lebanon by doing a pen-pal exchange (via email) with a second grade class in Lebanon. Are there any teachers who can answer here or anyone who can provide the email addresses of some elementary schools in the country so I can contact them.


By the way, my school is an international school so all communication between the children would need to be done in English.

Update 2:

@ DOAA A: I know I can find out about Lebanon from Y/A. But the point is to have my students find out on their own by writing to other students in Lebanon. I don't need to know anything about Lebanon - it is their research project for international day.

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    1 decade ago
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    Shouf High School (Bakaata, Mount-Lebanon)

    Rayan abou hamdan High school (El Malek)

    Lycée déscartes (baasir)

    Al Zahraa School-Borj al shimali


    German School Beirut [DSB]

    The National Evangelical School in Nabatieh - NESN - est. 1925 [1]

    Levon & Sophia Hagopian Armenian College, est. 1964, Bourj Hamoud - Beirut [2]

    Hariri High School II [3]

    Lycee Amchit[4]

    Ecoles D'Irfane[5]

    Collège Louise Wegman (CLW)

    Saint Mary's orthodox school [6]

    College des Freres Maristes - Champville

    Saint Joseph School - Cornet Chahwan [7]

    American Community School at Beirut

    Museum College - Beirut

    Al Hadara College - Lebaa - South Lebanon

    Notre Dames des Graces

    Beirut Baptist School

    Bouchrieh Adventis Secondary School - [8]

    Bourj International College

    Broumana High School

    CTI (Christian Teaching Institute) [9]

    College Protestant Francais [10]

    Collège Saint Joseph - Antoura [11]

    International School of Choueifat - Lebanon - est. 1886

    International School Al Koura - est. 1985

    IC (International College) - est. 1891

    College Sacre-Coeur Gemmayze - est. 1894 [12]

    College patriarcal

    Mont La Salle Ain-Saade

    Saint Joseph De l'Apparition

    Al Makassed

    Moussaitbeh Adventis Secondary School - [13]

    Maten High School

    Lebanon Evangelical School for boys and girls - [14]


    College du Couvent Louise Wegman

    Lebanese English International School (LEIS)

    Notre Dame de Nazareth

    Mar Sawarios

    Sainte Famille

    Perpetual School

    Saint Coeur Sioufi

    Al Amliyeh

    Al Mahdi

    Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais

    Lycée Notre Dame

    Lycée National

    Lycée Abd El Kader

    Al Hariri

    Lycée Laique

    Lycée Verdun

    College La Sagesse St Joseph - Ashrafieh[htpp://]

    Al Bayader

    Al Batoul

    Al Iman

    Jesus and Mary School Rabweh

    Ligue Des Freres

    Sagesse High School Ain Saade [15]

    Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys

    Greater Beirut Evangelical School

    Collége Mar Doumit des Soeurs Antonines

    Ashrafieh Public Secondary School

    Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour (under the patronage of his excellency Sir Marc J. Raphael)

    Rawdah High School [16]

    Collège SSCC - Jbeil

    Collège des Frères Maristes - Jbeil

    Melankton and Haig Arslanian Djemaran

    Yeghishe Manoukian College

    Mesrobian College

    Hripsimiants College

    Lycée Laure Moughayzel - Chahrouri

    Tripoli Evangelical School for Boys & Girls

    George Mhanna's school

    College Notre Dame Des Apotres - Kab-Elias

    Al Rafiid

    Antonine Sisters School - Mar Elias - Ghazir

    SSCC - Kfarhbab


    Collège Melkart [17]

    Antonine Sisters School-Ghazir

    Ahliah school

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the answer above gave you what you need...You can visit the websites of these school and get in contact with em ..

    But lemme tell you sth! If it's about life and culture in Lebanon I think people here can help you thru Qs n As. as almost all of em are Lebanese and can help telling you what you want!

    Anyway,Good Luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Facebook is your best bet, you will find plenty of students group, just search for any of the schools listed above, it will be the "cool" way for the students to interact.

    or try an international school in Lebanon such as the IC:



    Also try getting in touch with the ministry of education:

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