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bassdoc asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Have you seen the pork stuck onto the Bailout Bill (from both sides?)?

I just read one Republican agreed to vote for it only after they stuck funding for mental health in his State onto it.

A Democrat agreed to vote for it only after they stuck financial aide for the logging industry in his State onto it.


This is all due to the Deficit, and the Bailout itself and all the pork stuck to it will only WORSEN THE DEFICIT!!!

We are doomed if Congress votes this thing in.

I was blaming Bush for causing the situation, but I now blame Democrats for voting en masse for his stupid bill.

If it passes we are truly done as a country.

Anybody agree?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What I think is sad is that the country is already bankrupt, already in the first stages of a depression, no one wants to tell you the truth about it, and all the moronic politicians care about is how much extra money thay can extract from the taxpayers of this country for their pet projects tacking it onto an already obscene bailout bill. The people of this country are in a major mess, and you can fully blame the government for it. It doesn't matter what side of the party lines we are on, it is no longer a question of sides, its a matter of total corruption and greed, and it is time the people of this country put a stop to it. All I hear is one side bashing the other, no one taking credit or reponsiblility for what has happened to the country, only finger pointing, but the fingers of responsibility point right at the biggest majority of the politicians. Life as you and I know it has come to an end, and if you don't think this is going to get worse then it will be a huge eye opener as the next few months and years tick by. Everyone better get prepared as the dollar is already worthless and this is going to affect not only the United States, but countries around the world. We have become focused only on what "I" or "WE" want, it is no longer what is right or good for the country as a whole. I am picked on because I am short, fat, tall, old, gay, black, brown, yellow, bald or lazy. I am no longer an American, I am an African American, a Hispanic American, a Jewish American, a Latin American, a Native American, a whatever else American, or if you happen to be white, your just white, but at least you are classified as just an American. The lines are drawn in the sand, and no one had better cross them, or they will wind up in jail, court being sued or being humiliated by the friggen news media, that as a whole isn't worth the time it takes to spit on the sidewalk. WE ARE AMERICANS, and the divisions we have allowed to be put in place are what is destroying us. The special interest groups, and the minority groups in the country all seem to get their own way, and the majority is pushed aside and told to fall in line. When we were kids, if someone called you a name, you either took it in stride and let it bounce off you, or you took the guy aside and you had it out. Generally after the fight was over, the two of you became friends, and that was the end of it. Someone kicked you in the groin, you kicked the **** out of them and they either repsected you and became your friend, or they stayed the hell away from you. Nowadays, someone looks at someone cross eyed and they are being sued. So, I say the country is already done, and I also say that it is time to bring it back to the way it was before the idiot judges got ahold of it and decided that it was their job to change and write the laws. It is wrong to have 9 un-elected judges making the decissions for the entire country.....that is why we have the reponsibility to vore for, it is our responsibility, not the un-elected judges. Stand up, be counted, stop taking the crap the government is dishing out. It is our money, not theirs, it is our country, not theirs, they work for us, not the other way around. The threat Hitler involked on the people of Germany is now ever present in our everyday lives and it is wrong. The IRS as an example is nothing more than Hitler Storm Troopers, that do not answer to the laws of the land, they do as they please, and no one controls them. We must make a change, we need to clean house and start over, and this time, be reponsible about who we elect to represent us! Stop the whinning, get over yourself, become concerned about your neighbors, your friends and those you pass on the street everyday of your life. Take the time to help someone in need and do it with smile on your face. We can fix this, but it is going to take everyone of us!!

    God Bless America and all those who love her!!

  • 5 years ago

    MIght want to take out the "drug supplier' and then work on the junkie. After seeing Mr. Markolopos talk abut the SEC and for nine years, it seem we do need an investigative arm that is not controlled by the Congress and they cannot control the Congress. Don't the SEC and FED control the Congress. It tool several presidents to get rid of the regulations and could only take one at this point to bring em back. Japan, England and others have tried what we are doing, but we are America.Dealing with BOA, AIG and etc. is like dealing with crooked lawyers and cpas, dirty at the least and these tax geniuses can do what they want. Too bad the government will not get back to what's right, but doesn't seem to be in the cards. Oh well nationalize the banks and make everyone accountable, it sure cannot cost anymore than we have already lost. Sad that Iceland bought the bad debt. Sad that our CEOs sanctioned selling tainted debt all over the wrold. Way to go guys!

  • 1 decade ago

    I totally agree. Does anyone remember the savings and loan bailout? When will governemnt as a whole realize that the economy is meant to run with minimal intervention. See where all the laws on trade have landed billions into foreign countries and know they want to bail out the idiot risk taking banks...again? (S&L's, now Financial's???) Write your Representatives and stop this nonsense!

  • 1 decade ago

    typical of washington types...they voted down the bill earlier this week, but now that it's been loaded down with over 100 BILLION dollars in pork, they will probably pass it; apparently the original bill wasn't expensive enough for them?

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  • 1 decade ago

    F*ck the Bailout plan. I think it stinks to high heaven. If we bail them out this time, they will only do it again within 5-8 years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You must call your representative TOMORROW and stop this 870 billion dollars of PORK in this 451 page bill!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The pork is disgusting, but if we don't pass it we are heading into a Great Depression, and we do NOT want that.

    BTW, I hate the term pork for earmarks.

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