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商用e-mail 翻譯!!

哪個英文好的人請幫我翻譯,是有關我們貨物出貨延遲,客戶要求我們空運,老闆叫我下班前就要回信出去了,可是我英文基本上簡單的ok,但是遇到要寫成句子的就不會了..請幫幫忙如下"當時客戶下訂單的時候,First article form 還沒有確認,只是單價先確定。直到我們sample做好驗貨時,驗貨的人說紙箱過大,所以驗貨不通過。後來我們又重做紙箱,才通過檢驗,然後生產,我們沒有延誤交期,請不要叫我們賠空運出貨" 以上 謝謝

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    Dear XXX,

    Sorry to bring you inconvenience at first.

    Please kindly understand we can't bear the air freight charge.

    We may let you know our reasons as blew:

    1. To meet customer's satification, we always take first article's shipment seriously. Please kindly note we've just confirmed the price for your first article's order & your request delivery date is just for our production planning's reference, not the shipment's deadline.

    2. There's a missunderstanding between us about the package issue.

    Being a good partner, we've do our best to solve package problem.

    To avoid bring you additional charge, we will take the responsibility of the package cost. In this way, we think the freight charge should be paid at your side as our original deal.

    Please let me say sorry again & we beg your kindly understanding. Shipment can be arranged once got your approval of freight issue. Your early reply will be much appreciated.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Best regards,


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    當時客戶下訂單的時候,First article form 還沒有確認,只是單價先確定。直到我們sample做好驗貨時,驗貨的人說紙箱過大,所以驗貨不通過。後來我們又重做紙箱,才通過檢驗,然後生產,我們沒有延誤交期,請不要叫我們賠空運出貨"

    When costumer orders for goods we are not confirm at first article form, only in unit price. During our inspection goods in sample that inspector informed that carton is too big in order to fail. Finally we produce goods after re-submit carton and pass the inspection. We haven't delay for delivery. Please do not charge for airfreight delivery.

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    sorry , miss two words.


    Please do not charge for airfreight delivery from us.

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